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    Handling of Random Events

    The best thing to do would be to take the least damaging choice in the purely negative events, such as a slave revolt.
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    Handling of Random Events

    I would think the most helpful options would be chosen foremost in a random event, erego we had the requirements for that option. We should always have a minor gold surplus just in case. Some random events can totally stifle a city if we use the no gold option.
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    The First Census (Sponsored by the Freedom Coalition)

    User Name- Shattered IC Name(s)- The Enlightened One City(s) of Residence- Arete Awards or Land Titles- Owns Arete and its palace Faction-Philosophers of the Legion (Triad Coalition) Faction Position- Ruler of Philosophers of the Legion (figurehead of Triad) Guild(s)- Church of Giruvegan...
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    The Philosophers of the Legion Faction

    Hello fellow Philosophers! I have returned from my trip north and am now active again. I would like to thank Ballazic for filling in for me in my absence. I shall now take the reigns back and play this game. :)
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    The Citizen Vacation thread

    My grandfather just passed away, so I am leaving tommorow for a 550 mile trip north to the funeral. I do not know exactly how long I will be up there, but it shouldn't be more than 3-4 days. In my absence, I appoint Philosopher Ballazic as the temporary leader of Aretan.
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    Character's List

    Character Name: Shattered Character Age: 71 Character Place of Birth: Western Plains Physical Description: He is bald, with a waist length white beard. He wears a feather robe and leans on a staff made from a petrified horse spine. A grin is permenantly pasted across his face. Other...
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    Turn Session 3 Annoucement

    oops i misposted, i meant to say 1900 GMT, which is roughly 2pm central standard US
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    Turn Session 3 Annoucement

    I have decided to host the 3rd turnchat, Saturday, April 12th, at 1900 GMT. This will be taking place in the CFC chat, room #turnchat. I noticed that last time, many many people had troubles getting into the chat. So if anyone would like to point me to a java chat, or something like it...
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    Gameplay Discussion of Research

    I still dont think, IMO, that IW would be the best to go for right now. The main objective on the Philosopher's is to get out 2 settlers for our allied factions. I know Provo wants IW so he can settle by a metal, but the Warlords will not have their city for some time, as the Protectors get the...
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    Land Titles and Holdings

    Vandal- I was planning on setting up an RP combat, judged by me, in which we use either a RNG, or a number guessing system, to decide the outcome of the battle. w00ter- You have dominion of that tile for RP purposes. If a farm is built on your tile, you shall be the Master farmer, if a...
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    The Philosophers of the Legion Faction

    The page hasn't been loading for me either. I think the hosted site is down. Sorry guys.
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    Turn Chat Schedule

    TBA means "to be announced". I want to let our nation grow internally before we move even more turns ahead.
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    Land Titles and Holdings

    I have divvied out land holdings to members of my faction as according to the Giruvegan Land Distribution contract. As you may have noticed, three far west plots are still open. The reason being is because i want to hold competitions for all citizens over the ownership of these plots...
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    Philosophers Sign Up Thread

    Welcome to the faction Ozog!
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    Turn Session Awards

    Im sorry Joe, but the Triad Chamber nominates people. This consists of me, NZL and Al Knight. We plan to do the nominations over the next week or two, so we can gauge how well everyone is doing.
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