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    TCIT: Sunday July 16, 3pm MST/PDT (-7), 2200 GMT

    Official Instructions from the Minister of the Interior Worker Actions The stack containing workers Alpha, Bravo, Delta, and Echo, should be busy building roads in West Licentia. Please continue building the roads with the following priority (ignore the rally point): The stack...
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    TCIT: 1304 AD - Tuesday, July 11th, 9:00AM CDT (7/11 14:00 UTC)

    Blast... I thought that the TC was tonight and I still had some time to post instructions. Well as a former MoI, I trust that George did the right thing. ;)
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    Pitboss game within the team

    Damn... and I had a dramatic speech all planned out.
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    Team PBEM

    I sent it to daveshack.cfc [at] gmail [dot] com
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    Naming Poll - Bay near New Port City

    Erm, actually the proecedure only stated that the top vote-getter needed to receive at least 33% of the votes to be declared the winner. It says nothing else about how many votes the other options received. That procedure was mainly to deal with polls that had 8 nominations, where the highest...
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    Term 7 - Judiciary

    I thought that neither could be cancelled for 10 turns, but the difference is when the cease fire ends then it goes back to war, whereas it stays peace after a peace treaty.
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    TCIT: 1268 AD - Wednesday, July 5th, 8:00PM EDT (7/6 00:00 UTC)

    No problem Oldbus - it was your first time giving instructions as SoW. I know I wouldn't want to be in your seat right now. ;) And sorry it was so late, I wish I had thought about you being in England so I could've scheduled it earlier - I was here all day anyway.
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    assembly debate:accepting a cease fire

    I definitely think we should try and get one. We have nothing to lose by it, and can rebuild some roads to basillica and fortify our territory better to prevent further pillaging. We may even be able to gear up for an attack. The problem is, Germany has nothing to gain by accepting a cease...
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    Pitboss game within the team

    I think this goes back to how 24 hours on the pitboss clock is actually closer to 26 or 28. The civstats page is only adding the time left on the timer to the current time, and can't account for this "extended time". It is showing it in Pacific time, though.
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    Team PBEM

    Resent. .
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    Term 7 - Secretary of War

    Mr. Secretary of War, an update from the recently-completed turnchat: At the start, the Germans lost a horse archer and a sword to our defenses in Basillica. They also lost a sword that was attacked by a Russian horse archer, but then they killed the Russian Horse archer with one of their own...
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    TCIT: 1268 AD - Wednesday, July 5th, 8:00PM EDT (7/6 00:00 UTC)

    The turnchat is now starting. Looks like it's just me. You'd think more people would be excited with the war and want to know how things turn out! Final report: We didn't lose any units! Bismarck pillaged Basillica a ton though, almost all cottages/hamlets/villages are now gone and he has...
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    Team PBEM

    Sent earlier this morning.
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    TCIT: 1268 AD - Wednesday, July 5th, 8:00PM EDT (7/6 00:00 UTC)

    The Turnchat will start on time, in 30 minutes. Get those instructions posted - I'll see you in the chatroom!
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