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  • Even though you don't trust me :( are you still interested in Jade Moon? If so, I need your house info.
    Hello. I know you're busy but can you write a quick blurb about which countries/regions you feel will be food for a player? Thanks!
    But you are going to do the stats sometime and fix the building locations (walls), units lost & Parlors true rep? Shang Lands in the Paranaa north isn't shown. :)
    Are you OK if I write a review for the NESing Times?

    Also, that means I get 11EP from Persia? Sweet.
    Does "compelling" means Persia is going to take it, or are they just considering?

    If they are just considering, add Domestication to the list of stuff to give them and just up the price by 1.

    Also, will all "Optional" tech be listed outside of the box? Because Persia had acupuncture (I got it from them!) and now its gone, I'm sure they still have it, but it would be annoying to try to remember what they have and what not when selling tech.
    "The Union" could work, so does "The Commonwealth". Under the hood, Satura is composed of a handful of large states and dozens of small ones. I'll make a map.
    "the Empire"

    Woah woah, since when did the Empire of the Heavenly Dragon get into this? Or is it the Empire of the Shang?
    Um... thanks for explaining? If they are not seperated, maybe call them a faction or something? Because "seeking an independent kingdom" is quite... rebellious and incendiary. If they are "seeking a healthy kingdom" then I could get it...
    I don't mean your story. I posted an offer to sell Engineering for 12EP to the stoners, then I said, "WAAIIIITTTTT... Am I that desperate" and deleted it.
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