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    Worlds Unlimited (formerly 'Large World Fits All')

    There is actually. However, I need to remove the existing copies and ask that people delete whatever versions of this they have. While on hiatus, I have been doing some extensive study and research to get better understanding. It turns out I found that the Hieght of the map must be an even...
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    Reproduceable AI CS Diplo Issue - Save attached

    I do wonder if this is related to the Babylon DLC, as I have noticed strange things in world builder, if Babylon is in the Players list, and another Civ is removed from the list, the team and Player numbers sometimes get messed up, and Babylon and another Civ sometimes end up with the same...
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    Reproduceable AI CS Diplo Issue - Save attached

    Requires Babylon, Mongol DLC. Most current version as of mid january 2011 hotfix (dont recall version number) This save is from a Vanilla game (Replace PAK files set to 1 in Config.ini, civ5artdefines_unitmembers.xml, civ5artdefines_units.xml, unitformations.xml,
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    Info Addict

    Okay, so its not just me... I am having this same problem, must be a Firaxis issue.
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    All attempts to update mods after denied?

    I've had this happen several times now. Found a small bug, corrected one line in my mapscript, and upload denied. Increment, and try again. That one gets denied too.... Can't overwrite... can't delete... so do I now rename my project as a workaround? Gah! Would be nice to get an errorcode...
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    Worlds Unlimited (formerly 'Large World Fits All')

    So much to do, so little time. Lots of play testing and study have produced the final result. Unfortunately, my real-world schedule is getting busier these days, which means I will have less time to work on all the things I had hoped to. In play testing, I found that a lot of my map...
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    Possible to change Game Setup UI label from Map Script?

    Hi all, Still learning here, so bear with me if this is an obvious one. I would like to change the Text "Map Size" in both Basic and Advanced Setup UI screens, including the size values that populate the combobox, to my own custom text when my map script is selected (I would assume this...
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    I'm not 100%, but I don't think you have to have the Steam version. If yours is boxed retail, you can install the Steam application, set up an account and you should be able to install the SDK. I have the boxed version, but also have Steam for some other games, and this is what I did. Let...
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    [INCLUDE] CustomUtilitiesPack.lua v0.00

    Right on! Downloading now.. I'll get back to you with feedback. Thanks ColBashar
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    Worlds Unlimited (formerly 'Large World Fits All')

    And just in case anyone wants to use the land scale by players method with their own script, here it is as a function to paste in your script, and call to get your water percent value...
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    Worlds Unlimited (formerly 'Large World Fits All')

    Well, for whatever reason, Beta 4 is listed as "Denied" for the In-Game Mod Browser. I changed a few things like removing the link to this thread, and special characters, incremented to version 5 (because you can't override or delete whatever you upload) but even Beta 5 won't upload... it says...
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    Worlds Unlimited (formerly 'Large World Fits All')

    *** NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE THROUGH THE IN-GAME MOD BROWSER. *** Having troubles with uploading it there... I'll check again later.
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    Worlds Unlimited (formerly 'Large World Fits All')

    Cheers Ceph! ;) and while we're here... BETA 4 is up. Revamped and reorganised script from ground up. More control = better map results! Custom Map Size Randomizing: Anywhere from 68x38 to 128x72 @ a 16:9 proportion. Map Size option only used to get number of players! (affects this map...
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    Worlds Unlimited (formerly 'Large World Fits All')

    Figured it out.... :D attached a sneak peek of Beta 4, attached to this post. Zip just contains the WorldsUnlimited.lua... Some tweaking left here and there, but I hope to have it ready by weekend.... Cheers! **SNIP** (removed file, Beta 4 is ready.)
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    Round and convert float to integer?

    awesome, thank you! gotcha, searched through the document again and found the index with all the math and other functions listed.... can't believe I missed it...
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