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    I have to correct myself, they work but it doesn't show its beneficiary effect when you hover over a unit
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    Really bad AI. Anyone else experiencing this?

    you can turn it the way you want it. Right now the AI can't handle the government well.
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    MNAI-U: unofficial build & bugfixes

    it's nice to see it resurrected. Still playing in a multiplayer session. There are recent posts by others and me that report some bugs. Additionally for some reason the tower of mastery provides 3 health instead of 2 for some reason. Experienced this with a teammate in a permanent alliance. Also...
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    Planar Gates create units over the building limit

    You sound a little irritiated. This hasn't anything to do with how much respect I have towards the developer. I searched this thread for any changelog. That this mod has changed the values of the orginal Fall from Heaven 2 is something I am aware of. Thank you for showing me the code in question.
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    Planar Gates create units over the building limit

    From the fan manual of the orginal Fall from Heaven 2. I don't see any documentation of this been changed. My feeling is that it is bugged out because I get way too many units without doing anything. This feels overpowered.
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    Planar Gates create units over the building limit

    in the orginal fall from heaven manual as well as the planar gate description. I'm talking about the automatic spawning. I haven't build any Moebius Witches myself.
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    Final Fixes Reborn

    I remember this error with other mods in civ 4. Checking again the correct folder solved it for me (beyond the sword/beyond the sword/mods) check if you use steam that you have the beta...
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    Keelyns "Summoner" trait doesn't work

    I don't think it's directly related
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    Stasis + Revolutions

    Revolutions are still experimental, if they ever get stable because it seems like development got halted
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    Fall From Heaven modmod upgrades the strength of units with a promotion when they have copper/iron or mithril available.
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    Planar Gates create units over the building limit

    When I build the Planar Gate, I get more units than the maximum allowed level for each Planar Gate and Armageddon Counter. So far I have 6 Moebius Witches but only 4 Planar Gates.
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    Keelyns "Summoner" trait doesn't work

    Adepts and Mages don't benefits from their puppets having two turns duration. Instead they have just one turn.
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    Caste society civic question

    does anyone know if this is the same in multiplayer? Which calculation does it take then or will it just desync?
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    Starting Locations?

    Thank you very much! That is what I was looking for
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    Chronicles [modmod]

    As old religious centers they carry some, albeit small weight. Several also have economic buildings connected. You are right that they lost their importance. Craftsmanship, schools and even specialized charity facilities took over their traditional work. But although the community is the core...
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