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    [GS] How to log game stats?

    I would like to log the information about myself and, optimally, other players. Like #techs, culture, gold, faith etc. Is it possible using mods? Are there any options that are multiplayer viable (without a mod)?
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    [GS] June 2019 patch - what affects existing games?

    Well, i just founded a new city with earth goddess, and it gets +2 faith from breathtaking fields. At the same time my two existing cities get +1 from charming or better (the old effect). Really strange!
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    [GS] June 2019 patch - what affects existing games?

    Some players in the German forum reported that they had a pantheon with a new effect when they chose one (in our running game, they got the free settler, all others already had a pantheon...). In another game a player had chosen goddess of the harvest, he now has no pantheon at all and cannot...
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    [GS] June 2019 patch - what affects existing games?

    That is a decent theory. Is the adjacency bonus for districts defined in the xml or not would be the follow up question, then. Or is the usage of a battering ram for cavalry type class defined in xml or not. Or the rams ability to attack medieval/renaissance walls.
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    [GS] June 2019 patch - what affects existing games?

    I am wondering what the changes mean for existing games. I am playing PBC/PBEM, which means the game will most likely run for quite some time, and it would be nice to know exactly what ruleset is used. So far i have seen that my established pantheon (earth goddess) was NOT changed. One theory...
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    [R&F] General strategy for Lautaro of Mapuche, foiler of golden ages

    +10 combat strength is as powerful in late game as in early game.
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    Should I Stay or Should I Go? Knight/Tank Single/Corps Wait or Go...

    Main issue with your plan is that tanks will probably fight against urban defences, no more battering ram goodness. And while i understand that a knight push is tempting as sumeria: Why not build horsemen on the cheap now and push further with cavalry?
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    [R&F] Having trouble using Scythians

    Horser archers count as ranged units and are not affected by the spearmen bonus. They are still not very useful due to their range 1 and not being able to move after attacking, but can be used to wound a unit (and get the horseman +5), defend against barbs or just deliver the era score when needed.
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    Do trade routes need an overhaul?

    21 turns is really quite long, it would be probably a lot more reasonable to cap duration at 10 turns (while allowing auto-renew)
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    Do people like good huts?

    I like them, they reward exploration and make new games a little fresher.
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    Unique unit elimination thread

    Berserker (Norway) - 17 (20-3) Weaker than a knight, abysmal defense, has to be hard-built. Conquistador (Spain) - 21 Cossack (Russia) - 21 (20+1) Extra strength, additional extra strength near your border*, extra movement and retreat after attack makes this one of the best units in the game...
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    Deity culture victory strategies

    Can somebody explain the "Salted Fish" term?
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    No Corps/Army after Nationalism

    I had a different behavior, in my current (PBEM, vanilla) game i was able to create corps AND armies with Nationalism (after the march update). Ships could be combined to fleets, but not to armadas.
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    [R&F] [] Hwacha, with Great General, can move and attack in the same turn

    It also works with industrial roads. And Logistics. Double attack promotion of ranged units also works this way.
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    [R&F] Emergencies issue: Judging whether to participate?

    In general i think they make sense as a kind of detour for a peaceful player (as the OP) that rewards the effort with gold that can be invested to make up for it. If you play for domination you just get a lot of gold for actions you would have done anyway like liberating city states or holding...
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