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  • Are you planning on doing any new stories/Let's Plays anytime soon? Don't feel pressured if you don't have time, but you always seem to make good ones:)goodjob:), so I was just wondering.
    Then I had to use a command prompt to try to repair windows startup. This of course did not work. Who would have guessed that right? So, the next step was to perform a factory image recovery, which used the files downloaded from my saved system image. Now I am back in business. If that did not work, I would have needed to replace the hard drive. Computers can be very stressful. From now one I will make recovery discs and a backup system image, just in case.
    I almost lost my pc. There was a blank page virus that I could not get rid of. Earlier I bought some factory recovery discs. So, I tried to recover the system with them, after system restore failed to resolve the problem. What a pain in the neck. Finally I found a set of system image disks I created when I first bought this computer. These saved the day. Although, after I installed them the pc would lock up at the windows logo.
    Not doing so well in my game on emperor. I am trying to do too much at once. An earlier enlongated war with China really ground my science to a halt. Instead of growing my empire, I continually had to build units. I'm barely keeping my head above water. I will not give up though. Banzai!!!
    I haven't checked yet, but I don't think she hooked any up. If she builds a city further up the coast behind the mountains there is one 6 iron source there. I could build a city near it and buy the tile, then I would have to send a worker around to work the tile. With a ton of barbs that is not realistic at the moment. So, I am glad Wu Zetian came my way. lol
    First I will knock off Russia and go on to take central and North America. The British are up there. I've already seen some of their settlers snooping around.
    Ok, I have my last game of GnK going, hopefully anyway. Huge Earth, 13 civs, 16 CSs, End in WWII, domination, as Rome. I am finally playing on Emperor again. So far it has been interesting. The Russians are cornerned in the tip of South America. I have the Brazil jungle area. No iron at all for legions, but I just bought 3 from China for 2 horses and 20 gold.
    Indeed I am back! Had planned to be off for another half a year, but it seems with the announcement of BNW that there's lots of moderating to be done, and not enough moderators around to do it! Some of the other guys need some well-earned respite.
    Embarrassed I am. Sorry saw Well's Time Machine the other day and name been on my mind
    I just saw you post a screenshot in which you were Germany with four other Germanies. I take it that was the same game?
    Btw, is this the game you just started a thread about, where there's a huge Germany?
    I thought you could have been talking about real life Germany, there being three Reiches and all, and then it being split in two, thus one being Communist.

    But anyway, you put four in one game?
    I have never actually done any of that to another Empire in the early game because it feels a bit too gamey. But yea hopefully it changes things drastically in that respect. The World Congress is something I feel will be incredibly fun for Multiplayer too

    Another thing, I was looking up a summary of the book and two of the main characters are descendants from the Anasazi. You think there is any chance that the Anasazi get into the new expansion?
    I am not familiar with the book you posted about, having never read it myself. Is there anything you think it could give insight with on this new expansion?
    The best news ever, thank you smallfish. I just knew there would be a second expansion. I'll be watching PAX live again tofind out more. Thanks again for this news my friend. Of course, there will be a Poland LP from Marbozir. I can't wait for that.
    I started a 'Feed the Beast' game as Egypt on a large continents map. So far I knocked off the Greeks. Then I immediately DoWed Arabia. My army of pikes, trebs, and CBs just took their fisrt city, after taking Sparta from them. Now I will proceed to Mecca. Although I need to sort out happiness slightly. My war chariots were murdered by camel archers. I had them on my flank and they died protecting it. Anyway, this is going to be a long crazy game. Five enemies on the other continent. Babylon and Songhai remain on mine to deal with after Arabia is finished. I think I'll sort out the CSs after I secure my continent of enemies. At this point, I only have one CS ally, Kathmandu, if I remember correctly.
    Have you ever seen the Patton 360 series from History channel? Pretty interesting I thought.
    Now for my next game it will be on King. The reason being is because I dominated that last game. I had the ability to build GDRs the Incans had infantry and triplanes still. It was completely unfair for the poor AI. One thing that bugged me about that game though. Even though Greece had no money and was negative in GPT, he still kept huge amounts of influence over Zurich. Does Greece have a certain UA I don't know about? I threw away tons of cash trying to become allied with that CS. What a waste, but oh well. :)
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