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Jan 25, 2021 at 1:17 PM
Oct 10, 2007
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On the one spin

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I'll sit with you, from On the one spin

So I quickly closed the window and went to the bathroom to scrub the image from my eyes. I won't be back until after I've seen it (tomorrow) Dec 20, 2019

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Jan 25, 2021 at 1:17 PM
    1. Flying Pig
      Flying Pig
      In case it needed clarifying, the paratroopers post wasn't entirely serious - take a look under my username.
    2. Takhisis
      Well, you can always cook a hat out of pasta/lasagna dough.
    3. Takhisis
      If you can pull it off, it is quite the meal. But how are you fitting in the hat?
    4. Takhisis
      Hey, I know that black people in the US are supposed to have amazing cooking skills (especially because their cooking is not descended from English cooking), but I doubt that even a whole gallon of soy sauce and basil can make a hat edible.
    5. Sommerswerd
      You are correct of course :)
    6. Takhisis
      Need I point out that the correct usage in that post is ‘minutiæ’, i.e. the plural of ‘minutia’?
    7. Takhisis
    8. Takhisis
    9. Hygro
      I'm seeing you win more forum arguments than I thought possible for one man.
    10. Antilogic
      On RCP's history, I was trying to find one particular article and I couldn't dig it up again. But it was a blow-by-blow electoral college prediction for 2000. It had great lines like "Connecticut: Lot of Bush family history here, it runs deep, and Gore's a loser. Bush by 3." or something like that. Every state seemed to be a prediction that Bush would win by a small integer value. It culminated with their massive 440-some prediction for Bush over Gore.

      Led to some pretty funny offline jokes. Virgin Islands? Gore couldn't kayak his way out of a wet paper bag. Bush by 5. Canada? Gore's lisp will come off as insulting. Bush by 2. And so on.
    11. Antilogic
      You used to live in GA too?

      Are you my evil twin?
    12. Sommerswerd
      ;) - I mostly want to hear what folks think, but I don't want to just let stuff slide that makes no sense.
    13. Hygro
      in all the classes
    14. Hygro
      callin' em all out like a teacher taking roll.
    15. Antilogic
      The version of "I Dreamed a Dream" with kinda Trumpy lyrics in one of the 2016 threads.

      I missed it first time I read through it, but upon going back it was pretty funny.
    16. Antilogic
      Did you write Trump's Dream?
    17. Sommerswerd
      I live in the Springfield, MA area now, but I am originally from the Hartford CT area... which is kinda the same thing I guess:)
    18. Antilogic
      Where in New England are you from? I'm in Boston now.
    19. Arakhor
      I always took Weaponskill, Healing and Hunting as my three skills (that is, after I'd played Caverns of Kalte very badly), to be augmented by Mindshield and Sixth Sense. I also always took Tracking and Animal Kinship last (so, almost always never). :)
    20. Arakhor
      I haven't in a long time, but I suspect that I'm still near the top of the most active posters (albeit under a different screen name). :)

      I never owned a d10 when I first owned the Lone Wolf books (Caverns of Kalte was the first one I ever read), but I've since picked up several through playing D&D and the like. Just go and visit your local hobby/gaming store.
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