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  • Erdrick: haven't seen you in a while. If you don't return to reclaim House Cyir, I'll have to give it to someone else.
    I might get motivated at some stage and do a new one. I'll just crib off class I've taught/developed this time around. Should save me time.
    Hey, I can PM you last turn's orders for Lenn if you want? It's cool that you disappeared, girlfriends visiting is worth disappearing from the internets.
    I'm afraid your house will not be involved in Jade Moon, because, after weeks, you have not updated your info to reflect a slightly more detailed history. All I would need is some sentences on how your house fits into the canon posted thus far, such as, what they were doing during the War of the Pale Brothers. Additionally, some more info on retainers would have been nice.
    You may have missed diplomacy from Sir Edgemere of Spearsmark. Or you might not have. (It's on page 2, part of the update diplomacy)
    It would be nice if you could elaborate a bit on your house's history (specifically, events during the War of the Pale Brothers), and if you could list some potential retainers in your region. :)
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