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  • I'll be in Dallas this weekend, and hopefully I'll be able to try one of those In n Out burgers I hear so much about.
    A bit tongue-in-cheek, but it should be Criterion nº 1, not Criteria. Criterion is the singular. ;) I can't believe I am passing up a chance to go grammar nazi!
    The gf is hot. But I dunno about the coat. It makes you look overly thin. And green ain't yo color. Methinks medium jeans (not too loose not to tight) and a vertical stripped semi-dress shirt in white (with light blue stripes?). I'm thinking worn with loose sleeves, and one button undone. Nice and casual. A simple belt with decent sized buckle would look nice to go with it. I wouldn't even tuck the shirt in.
    Hey, I saw you were looking into buying a tablet computer. It seems that what you were looking for is broadly similar to what I was looking for a few months back. I started a thread on the topic that you might find useful.
    Yeah, the plot insofar as there is one tends to fall down about half way through the season. And there's also this compulsion to leave threads dangling. Who were the people living the forest? What was the point of the experiment? Etc.
    Up to season 2.

    Season 1's plot broke down after they introduced the whole demon baby thing. It would honestly have been better if they'd just kept to, I dunno, ghosts. The resolution at the end was also... problematic. Why was that particular house haunted? Who knows, I certainly don't. But I did like how the writers played on horror cliches to their advantage e.g. the dog just begging to be killed the whole series.
    Jamie Brewer has also totally changed my perception of people with down's syndrome.
    I hope Asami follows in her father's footsteps and tries to burn down the world.
    It's only 200+ pages, though, and I'm looking for in-depth reading. Is Egyptology from 1983 still considered even passable? Do you know any good history forums I can go on where people can reference stuff?
    Lol, I've already looked at all three books. I can't stand the thought of textbooks, though. I've already ordered "Egypt and the Egyptians," and the Oxford history has some very bad reviews that seem to have a consensus.

    I also got this one. It looks to be just what I need, but it worries me that it was written in 1983.
    General histories on "ancient Egypt" seem to exceedingly rare. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be searching for "Old/Middle/New Kingdom history" or something? With ancient Israel I instantly got every type of history I could want.
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