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  • Oh, I don't even have civ4 (civ3 is superior) but I noticed it in the thread that you had a broken link.
    Spaceman, now that atomicgamer is down, where are you hosting your Rhye's and Fall of the Greek World patch?
    It's not full bronze because it is not literally in the cradle, just jn the first expansionary region.
    Dunno how much you care about a pesky thing called realism (I don't!), but Rice doesn't grow well in the north. Too northerny and dry. Northern chinese grow and eat Millet, primarily. Pork dumplings aren't made with rice dough! (Shrimp dumplings are different)
    Oh, sorry. I just saw that you were fairly high up on the large game queue, and the link said you wanted an experienced host to review it.
    Long time no see comrade.

    How are you?

    If you fancy Beyond the Lampshade is as ever open to new recruits. As a community of debate and humour it would be jolly to see you there. We have a sandbox for games and RP if fancy.

    Speaking of sandbox...

    I am setting my own IOT on BTL called Beyond the Revolution. I am in need of more players. Consider well for my first game.
    IOT: Great Journeys' game thread has been posted. Please go and announce your joining. Once that is done, I can post the update. :)

    Link for your leisure.
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