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Sep 19, 2018
Oct 19, 2007
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March 10

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Immortal, from Brazil

Spirictum was last seen:
Sep 19, 2018
    1. GreekAnalyzer
      Hey Spricitum,
      I've made a discord server to keep in touch with all of the old gang from Civ4 S&T. Here's the link - https://discord.gg/8WaCdwk
      Discord is a communication server that uses voice and text channels - imagine Skype + IRC combined.
      It's a great way to communicate and I hope we can get everyone involved again!
    2. GreekAnalyzer
      That's absolutely fine.
    3. GreekAnalyzer
      Hey man, if you have a Steam, VM me it. I'd love to play something with you sometime.

      Also, from what I've been reading, Brazil's gone all Mad Max. Can you give me the perspective of someone who lives there? I've read some about Petrobras and Rouseff's impeachment, but you could give me a better perspective than anyone else.
    4. DKVM
      If you don't mind me asking, what's your Steam name? I am trying to friend all of the old group.
    5. adhiraj.bose
      It would be great if you come back to these forums. I couldn't continue the story without you actually :P . Many things have happened on my end too which kept me away from this game. These days I'm playing EU4, if only DOC had the revolt mechanism. This game feels a lot more like playing through Tryst :p .
    6. adhiraj.bose
      Hi how is it going ? You don't seem very active any more on these forums :p . Have you checked out where I ended Tryst With Destiny ? I might be writing a side story next. I plan on reviving it as soon as I can.
    7. DKVM
      So how's the Shura been since I left? Hope life isn't getting you too down. Have a nice day.
    8. adhiraj.bose
      Hi Spirictum, you checked Tryst ? I just finished the last current update. kartikeyaking caused a small bit of problem but it was quickly managed ;) . However, fixing the damage will take a while..
    9. jackelgull
      Hey Spiritcum, how's life going? It has been a long time no see. Are you still really busy? And how's your Caveman to Cosmos game going? Has your gambit been discovered?
    10. adhiraj.bose
      Well when you do get to see it let me know what you think. I am going to update the remaining part of the update either tonight or tomorrow.
    11. adhiraj.bose
      Hey! Long time no see :D . Well I came to tell you, that Tryst is being updated. I thought you might be interested in following since you left the last mega reforms that we're implementing now.
    12. JosEPh_II
      Massive MP Game needs your attention please, asap.
    13. PatriotNorwood
      Hey Spirictum, I have posted my answer in the General Discussion Thread of the Majlis Ash-Shura.
    14. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      Hey, I'm probably not logging on to Civfanatics anymore. But if you want to add me on facebook, that'd be awesome.
    15. adhiraj.bose
      So one week is over, do you have any proposals worked out ? Even if its rudimentary I'd like you to say something :p . Otherwise we'll go through a (minor) crisis .. again :( .
    16. adhiraj.bose
      Well I'm glad you're out of it. Now about Tryst, since the story is festering due to lack of updates I have resolved to push things ahead. However, this means that your character's role will have to be by-passed. Things won't be very pretty :P . However, if you object I might reconsider. Moai it seems has gone off for some time, no activity since 20th of June.
    17. adhiraj.bose
      What about the flu ? are you out of that yet ?
    18. adhiraj.bose
      So how did your tests go ? :) .
    19. adhiraj.bose
      hi, I'm still waiting for your reply to my message. Have you read it ?
    20. CaterpillarKing
      Good to know you understand the most important parts of English :p
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