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  • You should definitely join Thlayli's thing, it seems the stars have aligned for him. Latest update is page 6 iirc.
    Some sort of tacit understanding involving naval cooperation to resist French aggression afaik, according to bomb.
    The Anglo-Burgundian Entente stands strong. Well, we should probably come up with a better name since Entente is French and those dastardly French should be nowhere near our appellation. :p
    When can we expect diplomacy oh lord of the south, light of the world, pivot of the stars &etc?
    On the contrary I'm giving them plenty to do, I may be wanting to get this modus vivendi out of the way since the situation with the Kothari Exatai is so tenuous and major (for both parties), but that leaves my successor with a religious assembly to deal with, not to mention everything else and all with a blank orders slate.
    No problems. I just wanted to know where you were at since I am very much wanting to move to another spot, but am unwilling to do so without the major loose ends being resolved (since it would be poor form).
    It would be most appreciated if you could, as soon as is expedient for you, post that decree from the Kothari Redeemer you said you would post in accordance with the diplomacy that occurred so I can respond with the agreed arrangements.
    Hey I'm doing a historical 1492 nes and I know that you were Venice in Birdjaguar's game and I wanted to see if maybe you'd be willing to reprise that role
    Yeah, we need to get something worked out quickly. Frankly, I think it's worth paying Satores to retreat peacefully.
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