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    Calvin and Hobbes Snowmen

    I love Calvin and Hobbes And the snowmen ones are the best. :lol: Thanks Amenhotep7:goodjob:
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    The Game of Life

    Lol, I just read those :lol:
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    Ancient Military of India

    I am too :) Great stuff, keep it up :goodjob:
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    Size of army - when do you attack

    Well that is sort of true. Later in the game they have railroads, so they can send units at your army from all over their territory.
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    best special unit

    Yeah, I wish War Elephants had better stats. Not needing resources is nice, but by the time I get Chivalry I usually have horses and iron. But the award for best looking unit goes to the war elephant. Just look at that thing! Every time I see one on the map I get a heart attack...
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    Ancient Military of India

    Wow, that jauhar thing sounds amazing :eek: Do you know if the word jauhar has any relationships to jihad?
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    The best guerrila fighters the world has ever seen IMO, were the Apache and Seminole Indians. They fought agains incredible odds and almost always won. These were the only two tribes that were never defeated. The Apaches finally agreed to go on reservations, but they were allowed to keep...
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    The Vandals of North Africa

    Wow, great thread. Thanks for sharing this :D Its nice to hear about a civ I don't know that much about once in a while. Post more info if you have any :)
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    Native Americans vs The Mongol Horde, Round 2

    On an open battlefield Mongols would win 100% of the time. So the Sioux, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Comanche, etc. wouldn't have much of a chance. The woodland Indians might have a chance defeating them. Mongols didn't do well in forests, like in Vietnam. I think the hardest Natives for the...
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    1000 Clues youve been playing Civilization 3 too much

    2183 - You've forgotten your birthday, but you remember the day you first beat regent.
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    I do it by pressing Print Screen to take the screenshot. Then open up paint, and press Ctrl-V to paste it. I'm sure there's a shortcut though, not sure what it is.
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    Ancient Military of India

    Great read, great pics :goodjob: I found the part about the war elephants interesting. Maybe the UU should have better stats? ;)
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    Astronomy Picture thread

    Great thread idea :goodjob: I'll get some pics later today.
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    Alternative UUs

    Great idea :D It would be even better if there was one UU per age. But Carthaginians shouldn't get the same UU as the Indians. Maybe an elephant archer or something.
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