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  • nice post man, you are my other favourite Poland poster, and you have quite a funny avatar :)
    My gf and I are back to being best friends. We'll try to resume our relationship when/if we can. It's complicated.

    Aww :( Well, at least you're not unemployed.

    Maybe you should take writing courses? Or get a reliable proofreader?
    How did what go? :lol: my grades?

    OMG dude they are so awesome! 305/320! That's like 13 As and 3 Bs in some countries! :D I'm very proud of myself. I'll just barely get into the school with the highest grades limit: Viktor Rydberg, which happens to be at just 305. I was really surprised because last term I got 275.

    My class average was 294 :D The class that graduated last year from my school was considered the 10th best class in Sweden with an average around 274. I'm confident that my class is around 1st-3rd in all of Sweden. I'm keeping touch with my former principal, so we'll see how it works out.

    I've completely recuperated from my illness.

    How's life for you? How's your paper?
    Thanks :)

    I don't like to eat that much. And I absolutely LOVE chocolate milk :mischief: But I do balance it by drinking lots of water.

    I've been stressing a lot with school. This is my last term in 9th year and the grades I get now determine which gymnasium I'm eligible for enrolling in.

    PS, I watched the first episode of Peep Show and I laughed :lol: It's funny XD
    I have to take some pills until Sunday, and after that I have this one pill I have to continue taking for about 2-3 months. Don't worry, I'm not experiencing any pain :) It's a so called wrzodowa, caused by some strange bacteria, bad eating habits and a lot of stress. Apparently, though, it's highly abnormal for a 15 year old to have one of those...
    As long as I take my pills and don't mess around, I should be good.

    No point? Come on. I think this trip to Syria will do you some good. See the sights, maybe get a better perspective of what you're really studying: what once was in the Middle East. And maybe you'll make some new friends :)

    P.S., No I haven't...
    Sounds nice :) And GO BACK TO WORK Maciej!!!!! :p

    I spent my weekend at the hospital :sad: It's complicated, and if you wanna know more be free to check out my facebook status :) But I'm fine now. Just gotta rest.

    Why are you going to have to go to Syria?
    Well, they are kind of old-fashioned and her dad is protective :lol: She doesn't feel comfortable with it so I guess I don't really care. I don't really want my parents to know either. They'd just keep bothering me about her and stuff. It's just easier this way :)

    How are you :p
    Are you saying that 'cause you want me to tell you you're wrong? :p Nonetheless, I think you are wrong. I'm sure there are lots of men (and women, for that matter!) who'd want to be with you, if they knew you existed ;)
    That's not her real age :lol: Women :rolleyes: And thanks.

    So how about you? Do you have a boyfriend?
    Oh, and by the way, don't post about my girlfriend on my facebook wall :lol:

    We are trying to keep it a secret :) Take it as a sign of trust.
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