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  • My idea was to have a class of high lords (recently instated, elevated ex-mercenaries for the victorious Brother) who are extremely non-sympathetic to the Dyres or anyone with hints of loyalist tendencies.

    Under them, however, a class of low lords, some of whom have False Stone sympathies.
    That's the idea.

    Basically the idea is that they were sent to the continent with emperor's blessing.

    And then storm came and killed most of the expedition.

    They tried to set up farming, but then drought killed most of their crop. So they logically used whatever weapons they could to kill the natives and steal most of their livestock. During this campaign, they also picked up some native-lifestyle and also some aspects of their religion (herbalism)

    After some while, they managed to build a respectable lifestyle, set up some cities, and began making iron tools.

    And then Esurk came and sacked those cities. The nomads gathered together to have a mobile fighting force and fought the Esurk to standstill, although they didn't win. And then their leader got hit in the eye with a random arrow.

    Civil war immediately followed.

    After the end of a long and hard civil war, there was the Pale Brother War. They sided with the wrong side.
    Will exchange garrison with extensive sheep/goat population. Iron refineries will remain the same.

    Will exchange military might with sheer frustration and determination to fight that comes from defending lifestock in a barren land full of wolves, spiders, thieves, and random Esurk raiders.

    Retainers and others will be organized into tiny little semi-nomadic "tribes" that model the natives after the Esurk kind of burnt down their capital city, something that they never really recovered from. Cities will remain to the north of the territories possessed by the House, where the most of farming and iron smithing remains.

    But my position with the Pale Brothers War will probably either stay the same or end up supporting the previous Emperor.
    Hey Starlife how much more would you like to see from me? Do you want me to help flesh out my region, or something else?
    Sorry Starlife. I've tried a lot but I simply don't have enough time and connections to make my submission fit well with the rest of the stuff that has already been posted. Anything I will come up will be half-hearted and entirely not worth your attention or effort.

    If you will kill me, please do it painlessly. :worship:
    While Kraznaya is playing "civilized" Esuks, sorta. I'm thinking of playing "barbarized" Aulesiri. See He Who Fights Monsters. In their history they won various battles and wars, but every time one noble/retainer or another defects at the Emperor's bidding, or attacks and conquers their older holdings, or a portion of their land is confiscated; mostly at the fear that they will grow too strong. They would be near the Esuks border, rather bitter (perhaps one of the strongest supporter of the usurped emperor), and many connections and former retainers north of them.

    Another idea is the central mountains, I can play a house in there fighting the native Esuks and gaurding the vital passes between Kraznaya and the guy on the east coast, fleecing merchants while trying to not anger either of the stronger houses.
    Hi, since #nes is down for me and my PM box is rather full, can I talk to you on here for now?

    Here's an idea I have, I probably have others but I really want to get this off my chest for now.
    They are the Warriors of the Pale. For generations they fought at the front lines, the give and take, the advance and retreat, tooth and nail. Everytime they won a victory, they would proudly march to their new lands. And everytime they find new lands, their old ones were taken, stolen, from them.
    The Zyeshu refugees in the Opulensi Empire have already begun to take up work as artisans and musicians in their new home, all the while lobbying the government of that empire to do something against the Satar menace.

    - Wolf Pack, update 13
    Working on it! The post I made was just a placeholder for the rest of the stuff (and a way for me to show you that I am indeed working on stuff)
    I'm trying to hold myself from joining anymore NESes until I finish all my tests with grades above 80 :p
    Oh. Right. Uh. Summer's up, at least, so I'll have time to kick in and provide some great creative components for the rest of the players to enjoy. It won't be today though. When is this due?
    Yes, I received it, sorry for the no-reply. I am mulling over my proposal, and even over whether I will join. I do have free time recently, however I don't know how consistently I could participate (specifically, writing quality stories takes a lot of time for me.), so we'll see. Thank you for the follow-up - it makes a player feel welcome.
    Maybe we're just thinking about the possibilities? I know I am. I don't really what I want, and I have at least eight possible choices, which is, indeed, much more than 3.

    I will add it in when I'm ready, and I'm sure the others would too. I apologize if you would prefer us to not post until we are ready, but then you should put in your precious last 3 paragraphs, "please don't post until you have your proposal ready" instead of "But first, I'd like all interested parties to say so here" because, reading that, that is, indeed, what we did first; to say that they are an interested party.
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