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    MOD packs and maps.

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    Create a Civ

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    Scenario problem

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    Facial Hair!

    I haven't shaven in 2 days. What does that count as?
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    Your political idealogy

    I voted hardline socialist, but I support the Democratic Party because no hardline socialist could ever win.
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    Da California Governor Recall

    Based on what you have seen on the news and your own personal opinion, would YOU, if you were a California voter, vote to recall governor Davis?
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    Where do you live?

    Regarding title thread: 3 houses down from you, chain n' sickle.;)
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    Bryant arrested on sexual assault count

    I read this story in the sports section of my local paper, the Knoxville News Sentinal........... Associated Press Denver-Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant turned himself in to police and posted a 25,000 dollar bond on a felony count of sexual assault, the Eagle County sheriff's office...
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    Red Alert problem

    I have a problem with the origional Red Alert. It won't play on my Windows XP computer. Is there a patch to fix this? Thanks for the help! :)
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    Iraq WMD joke

    Question: How do we know Iraq has WMD? Answer: We kept the receipt.
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    Teams you love to hate...

    New York Yankees. As a Red Sox fan, this is required.
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    Boy Scouts

    After summer camp next week, 1 badge to Eage. I am currently Life.
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    Official arriving/introduction, returning, leaving thread

    Hopefully, I am back. (If I stay off of grounding)
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    You have a time machine! Where to?

    Just clarifying that we are not Nazis, we just know a lot about them. Lets just say we know a lot about 20th century history.
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