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    Make the Great Library useful

    If it's left as-is, it should be available earlier. Otherwise, it needs to be useful a little longer. Both Medieval and Renaissance sounds a little strong - but maybe an inspiration and a eureka for each new age as it's entered...? Another thought I had just after posting this. Why only 2...
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    Quick thought about that Wonder gets built the turn before...

    So, if your Wonder gets sniped the turn before, it just goes away and turns into a pile of gold. It's not at all realistic, which is not necessarily an issue. And it does sometimes create an interesting dynamic, but it's a little tough to plan this because the Wonders can take so long, so...
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    How to bring back railroads?

    Could be an industrial district project, which would make more sense that "money". Or like a nuke (which I think is basically what you said)
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    How to bring back railroads?

    I'd like to see a great merchant or great engineer "railroad baron" that put down some railroads. Not a full solution - there would have to be other ways to create them. We need railroads though.
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    Go after limited and dynamic resources

    I meant a placeholder, as in a stand-in, for advanced materials. It's true that it has been used that way for most civ games. I've played them all, but can't remember past IV.
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    Go after limited and dynamic resources

    They should add rare metals to the end of life game - titanium, nickel, platinum, etc. They could just put in a rare metal resource, maybe not break them out. That's what they're using aluminum as a placeholder for now, but really aluminum is an enabler for flight, and the others are an...
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    Warmonger penalties are out of control

    I don't really have a problem with everyone hating me - whatever. However, if they want diplomacy to be interesting, the war monger system is broken. Any significant amount of war creates a war monger penalty that overwhelms every other aspect of war. That's not interesting, as it's very...
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    Why Can't People in MP Play anything but Dom?

    How about a policy that provides for a strong defensive army that springs to life if you are attacked. This is a real world thing, especially in the modern world. Maybe free units upon declaration, or military production bonus for defensive war. Then, you don't incur the cost of having a...
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    Water Mill a thrill?

    I build them everywhere automatically. There is no logic for this, it's probably a mix between maximizing every little bit of production, and just instinctual carryover from CIV V where it was an outstanding building to jump start new cities. They could literally make the water mill double the...
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    [RD] Taxing the Internet

    Let's be clear - if an outside company with no presence in a state makes a sale into that state, they are legally liable for the sales tax. Amazon is not complying "voluntarily", they have chosen to comply because they are everywhere and continued operation would be very difficult for them if...
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    Bad news, you've discovered gunpowder

    This aspect is broken and needs a fix. There are many, just a couple of possible ones: any units built on old tech after the new tech is available be "legacy" units that cannot be upgraded, or no new units under the new tech can be built until the player intentionally declares the old unit...
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    how would you implement an Economic Victory?

    Well, maybe some map-size based threshold on the number of trade routes that have to be up overall. I didn't think through all the bells and whistles to implement. I wonder how a Trade Post in every city would play out - that seems like a pretty good idea too. You can spam cities to try to...
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    how would you implement an Economic Victory?

    How about you have X% of total trade route income for the world?
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    Civ6 : Dislike : Roads don't improve movement

    I agree a bit with the OP. Roads are a bit too marginal early, and don't get strong enough late. At least a railroad with 5 move or such should be added. And military engineers can only build 2 pieces of road - that's just painful. Internal trade routes are awesome though, and you can still...
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    Fixes needed

    I get what you're saying, and I'm guilty of favoring domination. However, it's literally true that if you take a single city from someone, that will be the biggest single factor of your diplomacy from that point forward. You can't get out of a war with a city with less than about 30 warmonger...
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