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  • Sure. I took the lines from Carl Orff's 1936 composition Carmina Burana which is based on various secular works from the middle ages. The section I have posted is part of 'Fortune Plango Vulnera' which follows the more famous 'O Fortuna' Chorus.

    Anyhow, the lines I have sigged:
    Fortune plango vulnera------Fortune's blows do I lament,
    stillantibus ocellis-----my eyes, with weeping, red,
    quod sua michi munera-----to find her favors but for rent
    subtrahit rebellis-----and she, the harlot, fled.
    Carmina Burana: Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi
    These deal with the villany of fate and how it is fickle. The author of the original medieval piece based this off of the Roman/Pagan concept of fate and the Fortuna Wheel (a stylized version is my avatar).
    A more modern english translation would be 'I bemoan my lifes fortune. I have profited from good fortune in the past, but now that good fortune has left me.'
    If you have any futher questions, just ask.
    I'm not saying that German people are Nazi's, what I am saying is that most Nazi's were German
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