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  • Please review Beyond Earth (quickly, before they patch it!) on your website. I wanna see the rage flow.
    I've really enjoyed all your write-ups on Civ. They've been hugely helpful to me in getting better at the game, so thank you for that.
    You know, a cynical person might claim that 2K Games was slapping the Civilization brand name onto as many products as possible, in an attempt to maximize revenue through shameless exploitation of a classic franchise.

    Civ City: Rome
    Civ Colonization
    Civilization: Revolution
    Civilization 5
    Civilization 5 DLC
    Civ World
    Civilization: The Mobile Game
    Civilization: The MMO

    Fortunately, that would never happen, right?


    some are speculating as to your recent *silence* on all things Civ5. the "pro-player hands on" thread linked to your Civ4 preview.

    Personally I'd like to know your thoughts on Civ5. That is, unless there really is an NDA type reason you can't speak ...
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