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  • Very good song. I think I like em a little more major chorded usually, but the housey feel is nice.
    That's just fine by me. I just watched them do a cover of Down By The River with Neil Young. AWESOME!
    Well, considering I'm listening to one right now (an Eleven Jam, totally awesome), I'd say you could probably stand to give me some of their heavier stuff. Have they ever done Dark Star?
    Nope. You're the expert here, where do you suggest I start. I'm a huge fan of covers in general (comes with the territory of being a deadhead :smug:)
    The sad part was inno's "yeah, seems like he's just a bad person" remark. I didn't want to get too personal in a public forum, but when I'd met Rob, I met a man that was anything but lazy. He was disciplined to the core by his experience at the hands of cops that he'd never since missed a day's dose of lithium -- despite having some rather unpleasant side effects. He's a brilliant man, his writing is phenomenal. But to talk to him, he seems slow. When you say something, it's like his brain take a minute to process it. There's a noticeable delay in a response, though it's a very well spoken response. He held a Masters in English but was working as a labourer for Habitat for Humanity at like 6.65 / hour. This was the only job he could get that would allow him to basically stop coming to work for long periods of time when he was hospitalized. He was anything but lazy.

    So yeah, it infuriates me to see people dismiss mental illness as laziness or a personal failing.
    Cheers ! Not much love for a lot of older stuff here ( which is probably a good thing , best that the youngsters keep pushing forward) . My dad once interviewed Louis Armstrong while he warmed up in his dressing room in his underpants so it's probably been passed down
    Yeah, I've noticed he likes goalshifting, although I do wonder if any of that is due to myself mistaking his points for something else.
    Anyhow, arguing with him is far more entertaining then what I should be doing right now.:lol:
    :salute: Glad you dug it! I couldn't even think of any other way to get across the gist in as few words.
    Don't worry, you're not providing near the worst of the marks on my moderator bedpost. :ack:
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