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    Terrain Chart

    I'll fix the typo and upload soon
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    [Civ2] Trade Route Connection

    i was jsut testing around in regds to city to city connection and the affect of Road RR etc i went into cheat mode remove all road/rr connections (Even irrigation and other tile improvements move the reight in and i got the same up front cash amount as before and the city tunr income was the...
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    Terrain Chart

    I Cleaned up Nethog's old Terrain chart I hope somebody will find is usefull
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    Odeo Years

    SideNote: Odeo Year is the year you goverment changes. so you have to revolt the year before for shorts amount of anarchy. or you have to discover the goverment form in the beginning of that turn and you can revolt instantly
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    Odeo Years

    I made new Odeo charts as i didn't like the old one was saved in destructive jpeg format. also I divide them up per game length rather than turn sections meaning you just need to use one file per game instead of going through multiple. I've changed the turn table around so you check on he sides...
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    How does the AI choose tiles to work?

    not a super expert but just my observations it appears the ai chooses the tiles based on what brings the most food at primary parameter. this is generally not a bad idea if it wanst for Super groth strategy were you only need 1 surplus food to grow also in my experience it seems like the tile...
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    [Civ2] Civ2 Game Companion script

    I've made a "game Companion script for Civ2 in AHK to modernize a bit of the controls 1: Scroll wheel support 2: ctrl+shift+buy in city screen buys whatever you are working on now (no confirmation be careful) 3: ctrl+shift+s takes you to the supply/demand screen directly. if you current units...
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    CPU usage is enormous

    Hmm wierd my first play time around this cpu throttle worked flawlessly. now im plaiyng on win10 64bit and i cant load my games if i have cpu throttle running my savegames was saved without cpu throttle running ( i had forgotten about it) tried enabling admin mode for both inject.exe and...
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    Terrain output value

    @ Ali ardavan I utilized any trick/technology that works withing the game so this is absolute maximum values besides direct cheating. and yes i used airbase trick as much as possible. and yes i meants +4 trade with river. Hills with rivers are good I might look into the desert tile this...
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    Nethog's Civ2 Reference Pack

    is there ea reason not all terrain conversions are show in the nethog terrain graph ? Im assuming it only showing optimal paths ?
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    Some flaws of Civ II

    You had some good points until you mentioned the arithmetic flaws... Sorry thats just you thats is flawed way to see it It clearly says TAX income. That means the income from taxes which is the 4 coins. the Other 2 coins are not tax income but from marketplace which are based on tax...
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    Terrain output value

    i compiled this list for myself which sums up a terrain final output value in trade/gold production made it easier to see what kind of terrain you wanted around your cities Terrain/resource Food Shield Trade "Final value" F S T grass + shield 4 1 3 10 grassland 4 0 3 9 plain 3 1 3 8,5...
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    The idiot guide to play Civ2 on Windows 7 64bits

    Titanium i personally dont like no cd patches. after some really bad crashing games by bad cracks on the old BOI cd releases i simply prefer to make a proper image of the original cd and mount it with deamon tools. i find it a more "pure" way of doing it
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    Easy fix for faulty cheat mode toggle

    just a quick feedback The file you need to delete is not named "CIV2" but actually "CIV2.DAT", the "civ2" file that you don't wanna touch, is actually "civ2.exe" OP must still have had his file extension hidden in his file list. 2nd you just need to delete it and nothing more. Don't need...
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    nethos terrain chat not showing all conversion ?

    It IS possible to change the terrain under an already build city. However it took my 4 turns with 10 engineers. i wonder if there is a max number of engineers that can work a tile at a time since this is 80 turns of settler work and it should only had taken 20 never the less it was much ado for...
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