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    Dune Wars

    Hi, I have this issue when installing yesterday the release+patch. I checked the file mentioned earlier but the values seem ok.
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    I was worrying when checking the civ5 forum :)
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    civ 5 killed rife :)
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    Download and Current Changelog

    Any chance of official release anytime soon ? :)
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    [MODULE] RifE: Underworld

    Maybe some unique improvement could give access when explored (like the deep well thing)
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    [MODULE] RifE: Underworld

    Why not just change the artstyle ?
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    Cannot use Mask

    and if not lead by a commander ?
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    Terra Fluida

    pm me your gmail address. But once again no consideration planned about hell ad heaven.
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    Terra Fluida

    I'm in design and testing (POC) phase atm :) Seems similar to the idea described here, although not sure about the details. My main focus being to have climate interaction less predictabe and with more impact. I'm writting a doc in google, I could authorise you to have a look and tell me what...
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    Bezeri Awakening

    Crual you :)
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    RIFE coming to civ 5?

    Ho please, go for Hamilton's Pandora cycle :)
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    Don't start any new game :)
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    The End of RiFE

    ok, open a paypal account and add a button :) You'll be rich !
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    Mahala's picture

    Same here
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    Mahala's picture

    Should start a new pool with all pictures
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