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  • You don't remember that one time that Dis told us frantically to delete a spreadsheet? :p
    Do you, by any chance, still have access to that leaked SysNES2 spreadsheet with the unlocked tech levels?

    Kal's in the final stages of reconstructing everything and creating additional automated systems, and he mentioned to me today that it'd be helpful if he had it.
    It kind of feels that this is just Russia trying to stay relevant. Personally, I would rather they align with them against China, which seems to be a far greater threat to our hegemony. :/

    One of our old discussions, you told me that the Chinese are incapable of diplomacy. I think the same can be said of the Russians.

    Also, side note, can I add your steam?
    Russia seriously just escalated in Ukraine :/

    I want to say the West has to respond, but really they're not going to in a meaningful way, are they?
    Is ISIS really a serious threat though? Especially to the US, it seems that they are a help as they are actively fighting the two regimes America actively opposed (being Iran and Syria).
    So uhh, am I the only one who finds it a little odd we're totally down to bomb IS/ISIS, but we were paralyzed in the decision to bomb Assad? Is there something I'm missing?
    I can see what you mean. The concept kind of reminds me of the German PH-2000 and other SPAs. Say with inexpensive drone scouting combined with increasing precision of artillery, move in shoot a dozen rounds and move on/out. Then roll in mechanized infantry with small AA and TOWs on APCs?
    One thing that you pointed out that really kinda struck with me is why people put so much timeinto making Neses when they could make money by putting similar amounts of quality work into profit creating ventures. Have you been secretly using that creative writing degree after all?
    noted! he's not very upfront about areas that are not in his area of expertise, since his writing tone has a very authoritative, exasperated-with-these-morons feel to it alot of the time. Good to know the stuff I can disregard :p
    I meant ahistorical scenarios.

    And hey, I saw your stats. We had far better industrial output than they did.
    From what I've read the Soviets were quite terrified that the USA was going to war with them after WW II. :/

    What are some good scenarios then?
    Well right. But I mean, hey why run a WW I nes? The Western Allies are gonna win anyhow. Why run a WW II nes? NATO is way too dominant for WP to win unless Jesus says "No, communists win". Why play a Modern Nes? America is waaaay too strong.

    Why play a Napoleon Nes? Why play anything? Most scenarios that are presented are very easy to determine who is PROBABLY gonna win. Either make an entirely new scenario (bombshoo) or make an entirely different world.
    What, USSR Germany Japan vs Western Allies couldn't be a fair fight?

    And yea, I think that's a pretty decent solution, even if you have other employees too; portions of ownership instead of a nominal salary
    I'm sorry to hear about your quandry, I'd run a WW II nes for you (only historical period I'm pretty good with) but I'm not the greatest mod :p
    So instead of working for him for salary, I should designate to be paid in ownership that steadily increases to 100% by time of death? How is that de facto any different from the current system?
    But it's not just his. Hypothetically, I left college to work with him at the garage at his business so he could have another mechanic. When he got pretty old, and couldn't do the repairs I did them for him. I gave up any other career path so I could work at my dad's business. When it's gone, I don't have any other options, and I didn't make huge sums of money to make my own business.

    So yea. Maybe in excess of 1 million, government takes control of the remainder and you have to buy it, everything under remains untouched. Not a perfect system, but I prefer it to your alternative. But I'm self interested, so there's that too. Let's just have everything in moderation; you can inherit the family home and shop, but nothing with stocks or anything like that?

    In any case, it's probably not gonna happen anytime soon
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