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Dec 8, 2019 at 4:46 PM
Jul 11, 2005
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July 16
up yours!
Professional sofa solanacean

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is it fall yet, from up yours!


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Dec 8, 2019 at 4:46 PM
    1. bhsup
      Which means nothing at all. Citizenship is all that matters, ever. If I moved to the UK, gained citizenship there and legally abolished my US citizenship, I'd be British, period.

      Jane... sweet Jane...
    2. Thorvald of Lym
      Thorvald of Lym
      Aye, VRWC pointed me in the right direction.
    3. bhsup
      Sam? Naw, not a fetish. Simply acknowledgement of a beautiful woman. The flag I find amusing because she's Canadian.
    4. aronnax
      Not in this case given that the government isn't really involved in the air pollution and their response to the event was respectable.

      The people's reaction however, bordered on paranoid frenzy of blame and fear-mongering
    5. JohannaK
      Orwell vomitaría de asco henchido de orgullo. :yup:
    6. Grendeldef
    7. Grendeldef
      Karelian language(s) sound pretty much what they are - a time travel into past Finnish not that I'm too familiar with those but there's even Karelian stream available; very limited broadcasting though.
    8. JohannaK
      No porque en Argentina se hable castellano se habla de restablecer el Imperio Español, no es cierto? :p
    9. JohannaK
      BOOOOP! Se lo craía más familiarisado con el Crackóvio, señor Takhisio!

      It's easy, Catalan has like 6 dialects. The one from Alghero, the one from French Catalonia (North Catalonia or Rosselló), the one from the baleares, the one from the Valencian Country and then one for Western Catalonia and another for Eastern-Central Catalonia.
    10. JohannaK
      "l'altro" es la forma que tienen en las Baleares de pronunciar "l'altre" :p

      Que significa "el otro", claro está. Quiere un chupo-chupo?
    11. Camikaze
      'Deity' would just be too flattering.
    12. Gucumatz
      You could downsize it to fit avatar size :p, if you don't know how I'll give a whirl at it
    13. Gucumatz
    14. Gucumatz
      You still haven't changed your avatar :(
    15. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      I liek it too
    16. Josu
      Gracias por lo de joven!! pero que sepas que ya peino canas y cada vez tengo menos pelo que peinar!!
      Con lo que me has dicho me queda entonces casi la seguridad e que Martino no entrenará a la Real Sociedad la próxima temporada. Se han clasificado cuartos, con lo que tienen que jugar dos rondas clasificatorias de Champions, con lo que tienen que estar compitiendo a principios de Agosto y sería un poco arriesgado esperarle hasta entonces. Por lo que dices también creo que es un entrenador que les vendría bien.
      Respecto a lo que dices de Jorge Lanata, algo hoy comentar en un programa de noticias-humor que se emite aquí, pero no había llegado a oír lo de cambiar el horario del fútbol con intenciones políticas...
    17. Josu
      Oye, una preguntilla futbolistica, los vecinos y "eternos rivales", la Real Sociedad, después de haber hecho una temporada espectacular se quedan sin entrenador y parece que andan detrás de Tata Martino. ¿Que me puedes contar de el? ¿Tiene alguna similitud con Marcelo Bielsa mas allá del Ñuls?

      Por cierto, que parece (es vox populi) que la aventura de el Loco se acaba en Bilbao, aun estoy por asimilar que sabor de boca me deja, en general aquí ha dejado buen sabor de boca, es un tipo entrañable, trabajador incansable, que ademas sabe muchisimo de futbol, pero es que este año yo creo que se le ha ido todo de las manos, ademas se empecina en algo y no se le saca de ahí, luego dicen que los vascos somos persistentes con las ideas....
    18. cardgame
      Haven't heard anything at all. Vapourware as far as I'm concerned.
    19. Grendeldef
      Damn it - this is like early days of SMS, before Communicator, too many chars so this the part 2.

      If I had to suggest something I'd say that Tankki täyteen and lesser extent it's spin off Reinikainen could be such as they're co-written buy an Englisman and the gags are supported by proper imaginery.
    20. Grendeldef
      Nah, I was thinking that those could be your ultimate goal or alternatively a back up plan of epic proportions - the lingo used there is partly slang words and partly just pronounced slightly off the mark ie imitating a native Swedish speaker etc and probably not something you'd learn from a teacher unless it's a euphemism for a gf, mistress or something along that line. Well worth the time invested whichever way one gets to understand those. If you can figure out what the Leevi & leaving lyrics mean you're at least half way there.
      I've heard lots of things but Spede & Vesku in same sentence with culture is a novel one. Usually they're seen as the pinnacle of anti-culture though Loiri has done a bit everything playing a football goalie for HJK. Hard to tell when one's linguistic skill are sufficient to follow their movies, though - it's actually hard to imagine anything in Finnish to be suitable for those with lower level skills in it.
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    up yours!
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