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    Specialist citizens

    I use mostly scientists, a few tax men here and there, with entertainers as needed I like how guy calls the entertainers clowns, that's a good one. lol
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    [C3C] Protecting Transports

    Though I don't have time to read all that right now.. I think I understand what it is basically. I believe you've probably changed my life, Sir, good day to you
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    How often do you move your palace?

    The free palace thing that was explained I forgot to say was probably another thing I wouldn't do. another one of my house rule challenges I like to use. Anyway if a palace is 1000 and a swordsman is 30, then that's a lot more than 10 swordsmen. I guess it's not as many as I originally thought...
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    [C3C] Protecting Transports

    Nice. You know though.. While we're talking about subs, I would like them a whole lot more if ships that weren't supposed to be able to see them couldn't stumble on them
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    Monarchy or Feudalism

    I think the pop rushing is the biggest factor for me when choosing monarchy. I am always trying to rush as many temples as I can before switching. Feudalism let's you prolong that. So if you have a larger empire of smaller cities that are spread out, and they're all going to take forever to...
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    [C3C] Protecting Transports

    Against a human opponent though, the decoy transport method is a viable defense method?
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    How often do you move your palace?

    When you guys talk about using it for wonders, things like that in the game for me are a little like cheating. Or like loopholes. I purposely don't use those in a lot of games they're in. I'll give you another example. If you are doing a long line of irrigation to an area, later you can cut off...
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    How often do you move your palace?

    Hey CFC community, hope everyone is doing well. So I am a long time Civ 3 fanatic and consider myself a decently skilled player. Recently I was playing a match where I moved my palace and it got me wondering, when is it really worth it to do? With the sheer volume of shields it takes, it is...
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    even more clues you play civ3 too much...

    That wasn't my goal but I'll take it..
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    even more clues you play civ3 too much...

    So I was playing Civ3 today and randomly thought of a good hint to add to the list 3751: Until you have learned to build a bridge yourself, you cannot cross any bridge
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    Any interest in a discord group?

    i'm going to make a strategy dicord group, or website or something.. there isn't really a place where we can all congregate. rts league and things like that were sorta good but times are changing, we need some place new that can evolve with the times.... i'm working on something
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    Interesting Screenshots

    Not my proudest but an interesting one I think. Clearly going to war with Greece here, managed to hold off enough for their spearmen to become obsolete
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    Most useless units?

    You stinking guys have changed my life... Regarding ironclads though.. Rarely they can be useful, I'm pretty sure, in a very specific and key situation Haven't probably ever used helicopter or paratrooper either
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    Age of Imperialism: 1895-1924 PBEM

    I just spent about an hour reading this thread and laughing my behind off. This was a lot of fun. Is anyone interested in reviving this or starting a new one maybe?
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    There are some good features taken out of IV as well, for no good reason I'm afraid. You all might remember the 'Always Build Previously Built Unit' option. In IV you have to go and find the unit every time it's built. Why do they do this kind of thing? Baffles me
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