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  • Perhaps, perhaps... But, really... This time around, the Atomic Foxes terrify me... I was hoping for another power in the area that could be a bit of a limiting factor ;)
    No problem! It'll be more interesting if you pick a place close to people, I think (and not in Michigan where apparently everyone is this time around. :p )
    oh wait I havent seen him in so long, i forgot his actual color, he is yellow ish, but it is more green anyway here is the hex code for his color CCD1B2, here is the link to the pony creator i used, and here is the code for my OC: 3B2R0S7100CCD1B2D2E2120040000BB96UN1837000000001U1FEFEFEFE00000F107F3FCC004CB2, so with that do what you think will look best :D.
    Its quite alright; just popped into the thread and saw the pic, left a reply too.

    Scootaloo came out amazing btw!
    In your case and a one or two others, the buildings don't provide a bonus because you don't have the civvie population to run them all, and other are running at lower efficency becaue of it (that's the main reason why the listed food bonus has not increased). If you disband some soldiers, or let your pop grow without getting more then they will start producing more.

    As for your radios or listing the effects, thanks, I'll add those tomorow or so.
    By disbanded you mean Standing†→Pool†? No, they do not incur their upkeep costs if you order them disbanded without making them do any actions (i.e. raiding or campaigning).
    In past days similar beasts to the great forest veassen lived in the prorg forests (i.e. blink bears & dire-wargs), but none of the more 'intelligent' creatures (beastlings, wood trolls, dryads). However, many of these were killed during High King Volo-Amonion the Drake-Killer's reign. You could preemptively scour the woods for anything of interest.

    It would not cost much either. Between 2¤-4¤ would be enough.
    It would take roughly 4 turns, an initial investment of 75¤ and investments of 25¤ after that.
    My steam is sydbarrett67. I think I sent you a friend request, but I don't really know my way around Steam.
    At some point, post update, I'd like to discuss your one project a little more in depth. Do you have an AIM, or a preferred way to extensively contact you?
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