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Jul 21, 2016
Feb 19, 2011
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May 14, 1991 (Age: 29)
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Hearth's Warming Eve Pagant

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Keeping the world running, 29, from Hearth's Warming Eve Pagant

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Jul 21, 2016
    1. Double A
      Double A
      Got me a smartphone. I'm using your Doctor Whooves background on it and I'm still using the big one for my laptop. :p

      You should make a Discord bg.
    2. TheLizardKing
      From: Portugal

      Pirates do not own submarines, and not even Spain is stupid enough to risk another war at a time like this. Your wanton aggression against Nigeria has shown us all we need to see. Keep your ships, and your... 'women' far away from our lands.

      OOC: You should have gotten IP, that was my mistake. You would have gotten EP, but the resistance to your government has sort of cut down the profits you would have made. After all, Matriarchys are a hard pill to swallow. The project, yes I forgot. And Nigeria, I forgot. You got me. ;)

      As for Nigeria, while they have on paper accepted your religion and type of government, don't expect them to be a very dutiful puppet state. At least in my mind Kentyism is a lot hard to push, even after a devastating war, then say.. Stalinism. Or something. While you do, and will, have your proponents of it in the country, it'll be a long time before the men simply back down from their classical roles.
    3. Darksaber1
      Ah, yes, you got a handful of radios working. However, thy only have a range of a kilometre or two without our radio tower. With your tower, they are good for 15 or so km.
    4. Darksaber1
      For stock piles, I fo plan that outpost/settlements will have seperate stocks from each other, but currently all player-control outposts are within about a kilometre of each other. I am thinking about it though.

      As for loayalty, I do have the beginings of a log system, but haven't made it public. I'm thinking that it will not generally been shown unless the player has signs of trouble.
    5. nutranurse
      Well you can count on it taking at least a year to prepare for a nearby campaign. A bit more for farther away campaigns.
    6. nutranurse
      Yes, funds for all intents and purposes are considered public & transparent.
    7. MartinLuther
      Hey, is your avatar referencing 1984? That's my favorite book! Also, I'm aware of the fact that Fluttershy is in your avatar
    8. Darksaber1
      RIGHT. I was thinking about it, but decided to try to get this one posted. On that note, anyone with holding constructive comments gets a deathclaw in their bathroom.
    9. Darksaber1
      You found one functional golf cart, three broken. For the most part, notable loot like that will be included with your stats, although I'm thinking I might add things like loot and stuff with missions. The airfield found nothing notable. The soil around the lake is moderatly arable, but the soil is estremly thin, having mostly blown away with out plants to anchor it.
    10. Darksaber1
      Ah, right. Never really used VM. And I wasn't too worried about the map, I figred the only reason the map might not get updates was if Real-Life, Virtual-Life or Faerie-Life interfeared. I've found myself with a partial map in Google Earth, but it's a tangle mostly used to keep track of NPC's. In fact, several players arn't even on it.
    11. Sparthage
      Actually, I did save it as a PNG (checked that) but it was still off...ah well...

    12. Sparthage
      Okay, perhaps I should rephrase that last VM...

      I'm not picky on dimensions, but the site is apparently. Could you resize it down to 650 pixels wide? When I tried it wouldn't keep its transparency so :dunno:
    13. Sparthage
      I'm not picky on the dimensions, but I was thinking something along the lines of the what you see at the top of this thread. However, if you want to make it larger, feel free to do so. I just want it to fit on the page without expanding it.
    14. Nuka-sama
      Can you subtract 1 from Low tech civilian?
    15. Nuka-sama
      Can you subtract one off of Diplomacy instead? Thanks :)
    16. Save_Ferris
      Thanks! :goodjob:
    17. Save_Ferris
      It says the file is too large. Is that because it's a GIF? I can get a jpeg.
    18. Save_Ferris
    19. Narz
    20. nutranurse
      Troops and levies are usable on the same turn they are raised. Levies incur no penalties to being used immediately, but troops that are raised and immediately sent into battle are 'green'.
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    May 14, 1991 (Age: 29)
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    Hearth's Warming Eve Pagant
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