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Mar 2, 2021 at 4:34 PM
Jul 22, 2007
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Aug 15, 1996 (Age: 24)
Workwork Workshop

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Discord Reigns, 24, from Workwork Workshop

GLORY! Glory. glory... Nov 20, 2016

Terrance888 was last seen:
Mar 2, 2021 at 4:34 PM
    1. Ailedhoo
      Done. Removing all other members but I somehow allowed the editing of the group name.
    2. Ailedhoo
      Where is the edit the name button on the social group? I alas find it not. :(
    3. Ailedhoo
      What needs altering?
    4. Ailedhoo
      I have set a VM to Blair; hopefully we will have detailing (in what I have to trade or give up) but hopefully France is counted in the game now. :)
    5. Ailedhoo
      I have began to set notions. I will conduct the histories this UK noon.
    6. Gem Hound
      Gem Hound
      I had already moved it before you sent me this vm, regardless, what do you think so far?
    7. Omega124
      Terrance, for consideration in the future, can you not just decide what my character feels like in a given situation without at least asking me first beforehand? I don't really care that much considering I'm just a kaiju, but I do find it common courtesy either way
    8. Lord_Iggy
      Definitely 'portrayed'.
    9. Ailedhoo
      The S.U.D.S is a import from IOT, first seen in IOT9 and seen again in IOT10.

      This should give some detailing on what I am basing my NES nation on.
    10. Thlayli
      We will see. I didn't go that far this turn, but if the chance arises, we could.
    11. Thlayli
      I did the thread a double-favor, then. (I kid. Mostly.)
    12. Tsoate
      What is your avatar?
    13. Tycho
      As a question, would you happen to know if the posts regarding the Faith by me are still organized somewhere in the TerraNES thread? I'm away from my computer right now and can't look to sort through it all, but I was just curious to see if it was all there or not for a project I'd like to work on.
    14. hoplitejoe
      In that case I thank you :p
    15. hoplitejoe
      You NESers (apart from Southern King) have no idea how much of an improvement Christos has made over the years, the fact he is being picked up on the wrong tense usage, rather than the fact the sentence is barely coherent speaks for itself.
    16. hoplitejoe
      "Even Christos can manage good insults."
      Stop underselling Christos's insults you subhuman. Christos is an (the?) insulting ubermensch.
    17. Ailedhoo
      I am having a challenge deciding whether to go Templar or Necromancer. :(

      By the way: remember to consider Intrigue of Magic! :D
    18. Jehoshua
      oh, and I feel no need to continue the discussion either on #nes or here. Going to #nes would just result in more lunacy, and the issue of interpretation has already been resolved (you know now what I meant, and I now know why you misinterpreted) so there is no point to continue discussing with you. Hopefully you learn basic decency alongside that, but I'm a realist here and don't expect some dramatic change in your customs based on this foreigners position on the matter.
    19. Jehoshua
      Maybe I'm being uncharitable, perhaps cultural differences have facilitated this whole discussion to begin with and continue to pose pitfalls, but it appears my statement that you were not an idiot is mistaken. Lets just say It tends to be extremely poor form to go chat about what was a mutual exchange between the two of us to the mob, behind my back, and when only your view was given. If a discussion is between two people you simply do not go and lay it out before the mob, particularly when their opinion is irrelevant considering the misunderstanding was clarified, along with your own position on why you misunderstood. This was a discussion between us, there was no reason for you to go off speaking of it elsewhere. (note, I'm annoyed just thought Id say it in case you couldn't understand)
    20. Terrance888
      I know. I was still annoyed at you from the thread, and you posted right after NK said he's gonna take a bit (admittedly on #nes) so I made an assumption.

      Personally NK is doing a great job. NESers are fickle creatures by nature and he is doing better than most. Perhaps he needs to change, but I think not as he has expressed before how the current way of doing it is ok as long as major players aren't too late. If he wants to change that is up to him.
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    Workwork Workshop
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