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Apr 26, 2021
Jul 22, 2007
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Aug 15, 1996 (Age: 24)
Workwork Workshop

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Discord Reigns, 24, from Workwork Workshop

GLORY! Glory. glory... Nov 20, 2016

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Apr 26, 2021
    1. Eltain
      Hey, you've set the naming scheme for the Issith, and Boundless (after I asked several times) has not come forth with names for his settlements. Therefore, I come to you in request that you name the Issith settlements in H5 and I6, in the jungles of the southern continent. You don't have to of course.
    2. SKILORD

      Don't let 'em get you down bro.
    3. Eltain
      Hey, what's going on? Don't cater to players, the cookie crumbles how You tell it to, Terrance.
    4. TerrisH
      though looking at the pages, perhaps post 1001 might be a better start, at the head of a new page instead of at the bottom of one.
    5. TerrisH
      If your going to insist on draging this out into a multi-century conflict, just to prevent a player from haveing a one-turn death, then go with the epic-death, and I'll be the one who get's the one-turn death.
    6. TerrisH
      ... okay. your missing the point of the battle. and ignoring the intent of my orders. which was to make the war Last only this turn. not an un-realistic multi-century conflict. there CANNOT be a stalemate because of that battle. the political and military realities prevent it.

      If I took the city and kill the emperor, then unless the majority of their army is completely insane, I win. Outright. I have a legitimate claim on the throne. I have supporters withing the army and nobles. I have proven that their emperors god-cult is a complete folly, having been struck down mere months after he made the claim. the emperors former family is a complete disgrace and demonstrably weaker then Trmil's family.

      if they had troops in the area to drive me out while I was attacking, then they are eather compleatly incompetent (thus I win), or I should have been destroyed upon landing.
    7. SouthernKing
      I will try to send them tomorrow.
    8. Gem Hound
      Gem Hound
      Oh. I put their numbers at ten times mine with an epic hilltop defence. Would that be enough?
    9. Eltain
      Exxxxcellent. And no, not natural; put there by the people that existed before the Great Disturbance...
    10. Gem Hound
      Gem Hound
      Umm... One question... How big would Davinsa's army be if that was only half of his troops before he became king up North?

      About 50 militia or is that too much? I have 8 helping me((6 unmentioned for later reasons))

      Also I added those details to explain why one chief is 100% loyal.
    11. Eltain
      I'm afraid that'd fall into the spending category of a 'wonder', which is in the next phase, if you're serious. I'd be willing to do that, too :) it'd be sweet, and actually quite original.

      You can pretty much donate your point or spend it to climatize a square and a half.
    12. Eltain
      Wut? .. wut? You have 1 point, good sir. :0 You want to use this point to carve a mountain into statues?
    13. Eltain
      Hey, what should I do with the 1 point you earned at the end of the turn (EltNES) from being a mod choice? The game phase is ending, and points don't carry over, so I'm asking everyone to spend everything they banked or earned. :)
    14. Gem Hound
      Gem Hound
      Results? Okay. I was just giving you my general marching orders(On semi-accurate maps) but I'll do the battles too if that's what you want.
    15. Gem Hound
      Gem Hound
      Ouch. Can I still finish them up and send them?
    16. ZeletDude
      Yes I will send orders tomorrow afternoon 4ish pm est
    17. Lord of Elves
      Lord of Elves
      As it happens, I am writing them now ;)
    18. TerrisH
      hmm.. yess. wolf pack fits quite well. it fits their culture, the tactics, and is quite catchy. go with it!
    19. J.K. Stockholme
      J.K. Stockholme
      Cool thanks.

      So long as the Virians have religious highground among the Exaltations I am ok without a tithe.
    20. TerrisH
      orders done, just spell checking them. I'll send them in once done.
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