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Mar 24, 2021
Jul 22, 2007
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Aug 15, 1996 (Age: 24)
Workwork Workshop

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Discord Reigns, 24, from Workwork Workshop

GLORY! Glory. glory... Nov 20, 2016

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Mar 24, 2021
    1. arya126
      I just dont have enough time at the moment, and I was having a hard time coping with all the fantasy context. I guess i have discovered i like more "realistic" or modern-like NESes. Sorry :(. I wish you the best of luck though! Make sure you defeat Tambien! I give you free reign over that whole narrative if you so wish. Check the RP2 thread if you want my character inspirations.

      Really, I just didnt have enough time, and now that i have quit, i am finally able to write some short plotlines for LizNES, which should have been posted some time ago if I had stuck to my original timetable.
    2. Immaculate
      I really liked your wardens stories. especially janet casting calm thyself. nice touch.
    3. Lord of Elves
    4. Northen Wolf
      Northen Wolf
      Thank you for reading all that,despite of the mistakes - had only about 30 mins to write that.

      I think I am allowed to say, that our wizards were around a long time before we came to control this world. For an example, it'll take more than 3 months to build a proper wizard tower with medieval technology. - They'd need atleast 3 months, probably more to convince enough people (20+ k) to join their "nations".
    5. TheLizardKing
      Nope, all nations are fairly equal, so just take whatever one geographically interests you. From there, you can set out on your own course, and do what you like.
    6. Milarqui
      New idea from the Milarqui NES factory! Check it at New NESes!
    7. ZeletDude
      Actually what I want at the least: island chain in roughly X6 coords and if possible
      A-C, 567 (or somewhere around there) Dunno about Australia though.
    8. ZeletDude
      Intervene where? In Vietnam? Naah it'll be fine.. And I'll make a map real quick.. and add it your wall.
    9. andis-1
      lost interest once N3S restarted.
    10. Omega124
      Perhaps you could had reinforced my movement instead of trying to open another front. And even if you had to, you didn't need to shell civilians.
    11. GamezRule
      Would you believe me if I told you I haven't checked the thread yet? :lol:

      I will get back to you as soon as I know what this is all about...
    12. Starlife
      No upkeep on freebie unit - but it is temporary.
    13. arya126
      Thanks! Although if you want true legends, try reading up on the deeds of Ravus or even Whosit. If you like RealPolitik, Try joining RP2! I just left it due to some various issues, but im sure if you are interested in the concept, you will enjoy it. Heres a link: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=414785

      I am also in LizNES5 as the United states of the Mid-Atlantic (900 industry and nobody took it! Unbelievable!), and I will look into this while we wait thread.
    14. Tecknojock
      Do you think you could make the picture I posted in the Nuclear conference group the group picture? I know the conference is over, but I would still like the group to have an icon.
    15. GamezRule
      He said he was leaving and said to make all his IOT nations NPC's, and returned the next day.
    16. Vertinari118
      I have already commented on the two threads which seem to be current news.
    17. Vertinari118
      Just noticed and joined thanks. We need to talk privately by PM or IM about seeking appropriate reparations from House Kilgore. Your estimate of 5MF may be far too low compared to the cost to the railway and defeating the mercenary forces sent against our houses.
    18. Thlayli
      Thanks a lot! I put a lot of effort into setting and characters. Believability is important to me.
    19. Vertinari118
      Then report it in the thread properly not by visitor message. Though it's fine that you want to come along. The more the merrier (and the less the chance the team will be massacred by an enemy patrol).
    20. DarthNader
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