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  • Thuringia is yours for right now.

    I haven't gotten any sort of response from the original player, so feel free to send orders with the current rule set if you want.
    In regards to NinNES I, what sort of nation do you want? I may or may not have a couple player nations open, Venice and Thuringia. Thuringia is physically South-Central Germany.

    Otherwise, plenty of non-used places for you to build in peace. Also a handful of more clustered nations in the Middle East.
    There are wooly mammoth furs of course, which I'm gonna assume trumps deer hide. Yes that's fine. I'm also gonna throw in they're tall and have small noses compared to the hurinth. Oh how about eye colors? I like the little details.
    Hey, could you give a brief description of Garlinoans (from this NES) please? Their literal physical appearance would be good, as well as what clothes they wear.
    Just thought I would give you a heads up, that if you don't send orders this turn in SparkNES, Milarqui is going to start tanking your nation.
    ALL sparks overfocus while they are in "the madness place".

    Also, I have you in front of Hyéres, between Toulon and Fréjus.
    Hello. Could I have a reply to my diplomacy in the thread to the Swiss Free State, please?
    That's difficult to implement in practice. The 220 is owed by me, not my allies, so it can't all be deducted by me.
    Paying it, but at the normal rate. We're not counting the years of the Great War. So you'll get 28 EP every year until its paid.
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