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Jan 21, 2021 at 3:09 PM
Sep 9, 2006
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Jan 21, 2021 at 3:09 PM
    1. Hygro
    2. Tahuti
      Basically, Postmodernism is that the struggle between values (what is good and what is bad) is a good in itself.
      1. yung.carl.jung likes this.
    3. Ziggy Stardust
      Ziggy Stardust
      Yeah I noticed the absence :)

      Pip pip old boy! Same to you!
    4. Ziggy Stardust
      Ziggy Stardust
      The temporary return did reinforce my reason for leaving the OT though :)

      Don't think I'll be hanging around.
    5. Terxpahseyton
      It's your brain coping with the OT abstinence.
    6. Ziggy Stardust
      Ziggy Stardust
      I hope so. Otherwise it could be a psychosis I'm going through.
    7. Ziggy Stardust
      Ziggy Stardust
      Usually in the Elite forums nowadays. :)
    8. Takhisis
      Hey, Mr. formerly Sill… what's the new thread about? I'm just to the forums after quite the absence.
    9. Kyriakos
      Maybe the whole system is plotting against you? ;) If you have a reply then just copy/paste and resend? Unless in your view it will disturb the balance of not just one person, but of the universe, in which case you should rethink it :lol:
    10. bhsup
      Ho ho ho! Lookin' good monkey santa! :xmascheers:
    11. Ziggy Stardust
      Ziggy Stardust
      Yeah, I was quite pleased with it as well :)
    12. Ziggy Stardust
      Ziggy Stardust
      What I strongly object to is that suggestion that people hence are in general rather [me: ???].
      Because if they are not, and if they, for whatever reasons, will value decency and common concerns for whatever question they are called to the polls - then this means that your depiction of their shortcomings seems - frankly - overall hysterical.

      I cannot tell you the amount of hysterical curiousity I am experiencing right now to see that blank filled in to discover what depictions I've been hysterical about :) I'll let you fill in that blank before I respond. Although I have to disappoint you if you expect much disagreement. All in all, I think both of us appreciate the sentiment behind a self-governing or governmentless society, your angle seems to be a bit more ideological, mine a bit more practical perhaps.
    13. Kyriakos
      Thanks :D I love it/me as well.
    14. Ziggy Stardust
      Ziggy Stardust
      Close. I'm a programmer. Aka quack author.
    15. Mouthwash
      You said that Israel was keeping Ethiopian birth rates low intentionally. You also said that this was a consequence of the Holocaust (analogizing it to people who get raped and later rape themselves). I did the math.
    16. Mouthwash
      That Jews are inclined to commit genocide because seventy years ago a genocide was committed against European Jews? And this isn't something outlandish, correct?
    17. Mouthwash
      "So if I say that America exhibits particular strong nationalistic militarism and hence by extension a particular likeliness to murder people - that is a blood libel?"

      No. Saying "Americans are violent xenophobes who reproduce by rape and hang Arabs in the streets" would be. But simply suggesting that a particular cultural mindset might lead to a more aggressive foreign policy isn't painting the American people as murderers. Anyway, blood libel tends to be directed toward segments of society, not societies as a whole. Israel is an exception.

      "Or if I say the opposite is true for Germany?"

      Um... so if you say that Germans are pacifistic and multicultural? Why would that be blood libel?
    18. Oruc
    19. Narz
      Don't try to believe, try to know!
    20. Yeekim
      Heh. Given my rather infrequent posting habits these days, I'd suggest a more ambitious goal :D
      Anyway, quality over quantity!
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    "Feel it, breathe it, believe it. And you'll be walking on air. Go try, go fly, so high. And you'll be walking on air.
    Feel this, unless you kill it. Go on, and you're forgiven. I knew that, I could feel that. I feel like, I am walking on air. Flitter up, and Hover down, be All around, be All around.
    You know that I love you
    Go on" - Kerli
    "And your King will lead you / you will know where to / when two thousand elephants / march through your circle of blood." - Die Wilde Jagd
    "This is the most powerful thing that could be done - surrender. See and Love is an act of surrender to another person. Total abandonment. I give myself up. Take me. Do whatever you want. And that is quite mad [...] All sensible people keep things in control. [...] So we come to the strange conclusion, that in madness lies sanity." - Allan Watts