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    [BNW] Craft Outpost

    I started thinking if it is possible to mod a settler, but instead create a normal city he creates an outpost that will works like a city (with HP and range attack), but only can produce Units, no building will able to produce and won't count with population. This Outpost will requirement inside...
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    Enhanced User Interface

    I love the 1.29 version and loved the evolution. Now with the customization options it is possible to make an option that deactive some functions there can be used in some mods like community patch? I love both mods and want used together and if are there possibility this will be great helpful...
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    [BNW] Iska's Stones to Stars and Empires Ascendant (Multi-Expansion Sized Mods)

    I'm trying playing the mod too many times, but I always end with a ctd, sometimes is in beliefs choice, or is a random crash after do something. I loved so many features in the mod, but has I said is impossible to playing for me, I never got pass through one era without a ctd.
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    Cultural Diversity

    Someone has the old cultural diversity? I want to play the old rise to power (only one of the best mods) and I need that mod for playing, but I can't find in any place, appears that new version of cultural diversity don't works with the old rise to power.
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    Enhanced Air Warfare 4VP

    if I knew how to do it, I would have done it already. Other steam moder made an "alternative" version for VP removing CBO, maybe in the future.
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    Enhanced Air Warfare 4VP

    Its possible a version only for community patch, like the naval mod? I don't like use full VP (especially cbo).
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    SUPERPOWERS: Clash of Civilizations [REVIVED/MP Compatible]

    i thinking the first thing to do is make compatible with community patch and have the possibility to play with others mods not a closed modpack.
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    [BNW] Super Power: Clash of Civilizations - A fully upgraded version of SuperPower

    I really liked, this is the best mod has played. Hope you can continue to update him.
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    New Beta Version - August 16th (8/16)

    in the 8-16 the air units still vanishing from cities (2 ~ 3 turns for vanish), in carriers looks normal. I'll test the hotfixed version 8-16-2 and confirm if the bug is fixed. Just for note I'm using only community patch and community balance overhaul, RED Modpack and no EUI. PS: I don't know...
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    New Official Version - June 19th (6-19)

    someone knows if have way to make EUI 1.29v50 (beta) be compatible with VP? I gotta played both toghter removing ingame.lua from VP (deleting the EUI file remain buged, can't move the units), but doing this, the game aways crash soon or later. Anyone know something about it?
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    [BNW] Rhye's Catapult

    Hi, how can I download the mod? I click in the link then the redirect me to another page where I cannot find the download button.
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    Even More Resources for Vox Populi

    Thx. Now I understand why they have good mods in VP. I don't returned to BNW, I just found another mod that matches more with my gaming style. VP is a great mod, I love a lot of things and dislike others, I played VP for too long years and recently feel like, more of the same. The monotony make...
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    Even More Resources for Vox Populi

    Because is awesome and I can't play without VP :cry: I don't want playing with Vox Populi any more, is it sadly because have a lot of good mods with VP dependencies. (I'm not saying that VP is a bad mod). Whatever, I'm just asking if is "possible", if not just ignore.
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    Even More Resources for Vox Populi

    is it possible do a version without depedencies of VP?
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    [BNW] Super Power: Clash of Civilizations - A fully upgraded version of SuperPower

    I started play this mod, I loved the stuffs. Is it a bad that don't receive more updates, but I guess I finally found a replacer for VP.
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