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  • Just adding this here since I had a hard time finding it while searching.

    Explorer's Map Pack Contents

    10 new maps - 5 pre-generated, 5 random scripts

    British Isles - Great Britain and Ireland.
    Japanese Mainland - Self-explanatory
    Caribbean - Tropical islands map
    Bering Strait - Russia in west and Alaska US in the east.
    Eastern United States - Goes from Texas to the East Coast. Southern US Border to Nova Scotia Canada in the north.

    Map Scripts
    Amazon - Thick Jungle with lots of rivers.
    Donut - Just like the name with water in the middle (no cream filling here).
    Continents Plus - An improved Continents. Lots of smaller, snaky landmasses added to the map. City States are placed better. No civilizations start on the smaller landmasses; only City States.
    Pangea Plus - Same as Continents Plus but for Pangea.
    Sandstorm - Mostly desert and mountains with emphasis on settling cities near rivers with wheat and other food resources.
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