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Sep 27, 2017
Jul 15, 2013
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The Diocletian

Fire Fly, from Birthplace of Aviation

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Sep 27, 2017
    1. mrrandomplayer
      Thanks! Just got back. I went 1-4 with Esper and dropped to play in the Legacy Open Trial, then went 3-1, so I'm pretty satified with today. I'm quite excited about tomorrow...
    2. mrrandomplayer
      I'm going to SCG Somerset. Today. I'm running Esper Control (a super friends version) and tomorrow I'm running Oops all Spells.
    3. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      Votes are back up on the America thread
    4. mrrandomplayer
      Vote Wilson! The America thread is going crazy with activity.
    5. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      Baby, come back to voting for my thread :(. We used to be presidential avatar buddies!
    6. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      Hey, you haven't voted on the America IAAR recently. The current election is really close, impactful, and interesting! You should check it out. If you're not interested, oh well. I can find other Romans to vote.
    7. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      Can't believe so many are still voting Browder. It's as if they didn't even look how much his policies damaged stability, economy, military strength, technological advancement.. pretty much everything. I obviously try to refrain from stating my opinion though, as I don't want to influence others. Overall, we screwed up voting in Browder the first time. We just gotta learn from it and roleplay it though, tou know.
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