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  • Guardian , i see you are working on your new project Rome , i just wonder from what starting year and the ending year it will be ?

    also do you play Rome : total War? and final question can i help on some historical facts if i found and let them post so everyone including you can think about them?
    Sure thing, all governments, improvements, and wonders are completely up to date and i am currently working on unit entries.
    Ive been busy the past couple days so my progress was slow but now im free so i should have some more time to work on it.
    Ive almost finished the improvements/wonders and im about to go to units but how do I go about sending you the files?
    Yes, you can post on the thread. I suggest you read the entire thread to bring you up to date on the scenario/mod progress.
    Sounds cool my friend. How do I do this? Di I just post on the forum?
    I can help out with civ-pedias and perhaps buildings, or icons. I have no skills in building units.
    Hi friend,
    Sorry I haven't been around much this summer, I had a hectic year. Family health problems in the spring and a very busy summer with my business.
    Thank God, winter is coming and I'll have more time for modding.
    How's the scenario coming along.
    Fill me in when you get a chance
    All the best!

    Check out the ballcourt I made last September if you haven't already. If that isn't quite what you were looking for, I will be making another ballcourt that will probably be closer to the one you showed me, at some point. :)
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