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  • Hello. I Love your MOD Stone Age. I am wondering first, if you are still around and if so, are you willing to make it work with the Rise of Mankind a New Dawn MOD? It would be the ultimate version of Civ I have ever seen, including 5 and 6.
    Hello xD,

    Version 2.50 for BTS 3.17 is still available at the same Link where you can find version 2.58.
    Just select Stone Age 2.50 instead of Stone Age 2.58 =P
    I see the latest is for 3.19. I have decided to stick with 3.17 for now. Not sure, but it seems a fair number of mods and scenarios are still avail. only for 3.17.

    From the change log, it appears that I need ver. 2.50. If that's still available somewhere, where can I download 2.50?
    Hehe ... thanks a lot man. It really took me too much time to develop it. I've been out for many months, but I'm looking forward to continue with the project. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks you again =D
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