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Oct 10, 2019 at 12:38 PM
Dec 27, 2012
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Oct 10, 2019 at 12:38 PM
    1. HmJacob
      Hey! I'm new to manual modding for civ, and I'm confused about your omnibus mod, IK there's 3 different tiers but Idk how to change which one I'm using. I also managed to install it otherwise, but once I looked at the t/s trees they were still the originals. So I guess I'm asking what I'm doing wrong? And I see it's from 2 years ago now, is it still good to go with the newer updates? no dlc/ other mods if that helps
    2. poundjd
      I opened Modbuddy for the first time and can not get it to export an *.modinfo file, got any sage advice for this novice in using ModBuddy?
    3. JimmyJump
      Just a word of thanks from me to you, for the great mods you provide us with. Cheerio lad :)
    4. lillzigge
      Hello, thecrazyscot. I have it now but i cant change ruleset. I dont think its compatibable with Tomatheks More Religion Mod.. Which is strange, that mod onley adds new religious icon or do your mod mess with that type of information?
    5. hobbsyoyo
      Hey, about your writing workshop thread -

      So I tried something similar a while ago. Unfortunately what always happens is that there are a ton of people who only want to post their own stuff and then demand that you review it but they will never ever give you time of day to review your own work.

      Just a heads up. It's really goddamned annoying to be honest, how shallow people can be.
    6. thecrazyscot
      Yes, I'm aware...does it make it any less cool, though?
    7. Arakhor
      "Distantly descended from the Roman emperor Probus (I'm not clear on the specific lineage), so I'll be taking your oaths of fealty tomorrow."

      I guess that you aware that's a totally useless connection, right? Something like 98.5% of all native Britons with British parents and grandparents are descended from King Edward III (ruled 1327-1377) and pretty much everyone of white European extraction is descended from the Emperor Charlemagne (died 814), so what does that say of someone who lived in the Third Century? :)
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