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  • dude you should play in PNES

    there are a few strong polities left

    Muwahhidun, Volynia, Pandyas, Poland, Tver
    Yeah, I lived about two blocks from the Crab Shanty, dunno if you are familiar with it.
    we should have a Queens meetup, I drive thru every Wed (I work in Long Island once a week, I drive over the Queenbourgh bridge to save on tolls).
    you know the Greenhaven neighborhood, by Rye Neck High School? By Mamaroneck Ave. There used to be a Friendly's there, that was my first job, I think it went out of business about a decade ago though.

    You live in Astoria now? Crazy, I lived there for 3 years (when I first started posting here I lived there).
    The Venetians sold Crete to the byzantines for cash and trading rights and territory in Cyprus
    You can always quit and leave the diplo to NPC if you want, but it would be better if you signed it yourself. One or the other.
    Dude, seriously. Just do it. There is absolutely no reason why someone sane in your position would not sign this treaty.
    Maybe but Prague is mostly known as the "heart of Europe" (by it's place on Europe map).
    I told to some other guy that stop placing Czech rep. into the eastern Europe, eastern European countries are Ukraine, Romania, etc. East and West distribution is from Cold War times, but isn't right in geographic view.

    Apologize my English pls :)
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