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Aug 17, 2015
Jul 19, 2011
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Aug 17, 2015
    1. avien

      We just played our first game, 7 people closed borders and steamrolled the whole game. Since some of us are not able to join the a game, we are looking for some more people to our group. What we expect of you is that you are communicative, cooperative and that you are able to log on two times each day or more.

      When we play, we set the group over ourselves, so if you are a player that plays to get fame for yourself, you need not apply.

      We communicate via a facebook group that we created for this purpose.

      If you are interested in joining, please add me on Facebook, my full name is Eivind Olsnes. I will join a new game, tomorrow July 28th at 19:00 GMT and start inviting people in once the game starts.
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