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Oct 15, 2021 at 3:07 PM
    1. Robert FIN
      Robert FIN
      Heck! :( Sorry for double-posting...
    2. AdamCrock
      Erwin says there is 50% probability that You will become my friend ! maybe ... ;)
    3. AdamCrock
      I have best wishes for You ... maybe, Shrodinger says that they are only 50% anyway .... best wishes 50% ! ^^
    4. shulgi
      Hello. I thought I'd ask here since I know you had to learn a few things using wine and I am having some of those pains as well. The stall/crash on "setup map" is pretty bad for me. I found your post on winehq about this and other problems so I thought I'd ask directly.
      I believe I installed msxml3, d3dx9, dotnet20 and the other applications correctly as described here though the game itself is run in Steam. I put a post on the Tech Support forum here that should be easy to find. The game actually runs better for me in Linux except for this problem and the map going black sometimes.

      If you can't help, no problem. Thanks for making your videos as well.
    5. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      it's okay...*sad face*
    6. Kikka
      Are we going to see the final of the LP on youtube soon. Its getting so old I cant remember the start of the game any longer : )
    7. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      All in all, you won't play Masochistic Toku. It's all fine, but tergiversations were unnecessary.
      I neva bother you again with SGOTM invitation, remember. I respect others' decision, you know...

    8. Sinyail
      Hey, TMIT! Your youtube vids are awesome! Just got done watching your most recent one. Something tells me a war may be on the horizon for the next videos. :D
    9. portz
      Hello sir. I'm just new in the game and I love watching your "let's play civ4" videos. I learn fast! I just want to ask you something if you don't mind. Can you create a video for beginners? I mean when you play, instead of using hotkeys every turn, please use mouse to click every movement so that I can get along with the game. Since I'm just knew, I can't follow what's going on in some parts so even if I watched, some things are not clear to me.
    10. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      Awwww...nope. Not a chance. :p
    11. m00n
      Hi TMIT! Did the evil real life get the better of you? :D
      Commenting here because I can't find the channel comments on the new youtube design.
    12. Sinyail
      Hey, TMIT! I enjoy your youtube videos! :D
    13. GGracchus
      Congratulations on the amazing 1850 quick deity domination win!
    14. Archon_Wing
      *Claps* Your ability to actually debate things instead of devolving into defensiveness or direct personal attacks is a rare ability on the internet.
    15. Rhino
      Hey, I went to you youtube page to watch CivIV vids and noticed you had a couple HOMMIII vids on there. Did you ever play online or use TOH?
    16. stormlefty4life
      I am sure you get many compliments and thank you's everyday. I started getting back into this game and would only play on chieftain or warlord. I actually found your Lets plays on youtube and I am now a noble and prince player right now, and I would like to say thanks for all the help given in your lets plays. I really would be as good a player I am if it wasn't for your videos. Thank you
    17. Turin Turumarth
      Turin Turumarth
      IF you really want that save, Magma Dragoon, I will watch the TMIT's video and recreate the map, tile by tile. :P
    18. Smwat
      Hey TMIT, I enjoyed your Civ IV, SC2, and HOM vids. :)
    19. Archon_Wing
      Sup, I was viewing your channel of excellent youtube civ 4 videos (learning about amphibous/nuke attacks sure helped me) and noticed some sc2 ones. Do you play that game often? Maybe we can get some games online eventually.
    20. reddishrecue
      Good videos.
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