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Oct 15, 2021 at 3:07 PM
    1. WithTea
      Just wanted to drop a line to one of my all time fav civ players. Congrats on the show. We'll have to hook up again sometime.
    2. Magma_Dragoon
      Oh well. Thanks anyway.
    3. TheMeInTeam
      I'm afraid the map to my original LP is long gone, along with the fried laptop I was originally recording on.
    4. Magma_Dragoon
    5. Askthepizzaguy
      lol, exact same birthday as me and living in the same city. Love your Let's Play Videos on the YouTubes.
    6. Gwaja
      Great videos! When will you be making another one? I especially liked your Burger King aka Charlie game as well as the Justinian game, in particular.

      Hopefully I can convince you to make a video out of a shadow game played by me. ^_^
    7. Abaddon


      Sadly i've played little Civ since Conquests.. and even then I only used the civ bit of this forum to download a few graphics mods and scenarios..

      I noticed your high ppd due to a relatively recent join date. I assumed you were some OT spammer who had, had a name change while i wasn't about ;)
    8. Abaddon
      Curious how such a post count as yourself has gone unnoticed as a member to me..

      hmm, do you post exclusively within Civ4 and 5? Or have you had a name change perhaps?

      (don't forget to click "view conversation" so you write on my wall not yours!)
    9. fantsu
    10. Semmel
      Hey TMIT, I dont have a youtube account and I dont want one, so I comment on your SC2 videos here. I am not a player my self but I watched the pro games for about 3 or 4 month now on and i might have some hints for you even though, I dont know if they play out.

      In your first diamond video, you asked for help how to save your second hatchery. Well, I guess build a second queen as soon as you build the hatchery and let it place a creep tumor on its way to the hatchery. Queens are maybe not super effective against reapers, but with some micromanagement you would have kept both alive and connected your two bases without loosing larva. And than build a spine crawler down there as fast as possible.
    11. Arakhor
      You're exactly four years younger than me. Happy birthday :D
    12. BammBamm
      Very much appreciate your input, TMIT. As a veritable Civ n00b, I need all the help I can get. Thanks, man. ~ Bamm
    13. Yared
      When are you going to make another video!??!!?!?!?
    14. Sommerswerd
    15. Bostock
      Who's the avatar? It reminds me of Xena.
    16. CBPE
      EDIT: sorry, wrong section -> PM
    17. dragonfallz
      Your YouTube videos are great. You should make more.
    18. TheMeInTeam
      On this site I rarely go OT though once in a blue moon when bored...
    19. Harvin87
      I've seen your videos on you tube .. you are a great player... ! , congrats... one question , do u ever post on the OT forum? .. just out of curiosity :)
    20. vicawoo
      wrong format
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