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  • Haha, I believe it will not :)
    In any case, the only thing would be if they added some extra resources in the xp, but that wouldn't cause too much fuss I believe. After all, big changes are only required on scenarios with pre placed civs and city-states on it, not such small maps as these
    Well, it's only if you want to do it you know... I just thought the forum would be happy for it, and you seem quite hardened on conversions from before so... but it's really all up to you if you would like to do it :)
    Don't worry about that. I'll guide you through the process when you have finished the convert ;)
    Hi Thor!
    I know you made some good conversions of Rhye's maps to CivV. Now, I wonder if you might want to convert some of my Maps to CivV too. I especially though about the Africa Map. You are free to upload them to the DL database too.
    A small tip when uploading map-pictures (if you want the size and details of the screenies of my CivIV map). When you are finished with it, start it and as soon as you have entered the map (do not found a single city or edit anything) you resign. Then you will get a great screenie base for your map ;)
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