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Thorvald of Lym
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Jan 25, 2021 at 1:28 PM
Nov 21, 2005
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Thorvald of Lym

A Little Sketchy, from A Palace north of Oslo

Thorvald of Lym was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Jan 25, 2021 at 1:28 PM
    1. Double A
      Double A
      how does one DYOS
    2. Omega124
      Thor if you see this can you get onto novaiot ASAP?
    3. Joecoolyo
      Woops! Read it, and completely forgot about it! :lol:

      I'll try and get to it tomorrow, if not Sunday, imma write a sticky note on my desktop so I don't forget.
    4. Ailedhoo
      Next IOT we both in we must team up!

      Thanks to the scaa I am in the mood of fire: we must do a nation with flame powers! :D

      Of course this will be in the near future, when the next IOT we both join appears.

      Till then: I hope to be able to co-operate a nation with ya! :D
    5. Ailedhoo
      Once I do the elections I will be eager to see the West African Confederation in a trade agreement with Arabia: this will aid us for the technological exchange and for the help to our local industries, while it will aid you in your own economy along with your prestige as the central power.

      It also allows camel RP... :mischief: ...even if you have camels yourself... but o well; we can always do a hyena gifting if need be.
    6. Ailedhoo
      On this returned game of Aftermath: I notice there is blank spots on the map but I could always consider NGO if you fancy or base my bases in the South Pole. ;)

      Alternatively if a player drops I can always fill in.

      What ever the case I will need to think something out. I hope to take chance to join... :D
    7. Ailedhoo
      You know the CK2 meme now around?

      Reus did this one.

      Here is a alteration by KE.

      My version of his.
    8. Ailedhoo
      Alas... :(

      Still: we need more Fegelein in IOT! :D
    9. Ailedhoo
      Do not forget when it comes to the trial of Japan's leadership the jaywalking of the opium. ;)

      Ruchang Takeshi, Prime Minister of Japan, must be remembered for the opium bit in the "So what is your view on the matter?" debate, so that comedians may have their gold mine! :D
    10. JohannaK
      There it is
    11. KaiserElectric
      Well, Christos left already, but you can still poke on ;)
    12. KaiserElectric
      You should come onto IOT chat, Christos is on and you should hear what he and the Chinese hammered out
    13. Tyo
      If the UN wants to send its own peacekeeping force, it can. All the Russian model calls for is that Greece be significantly rebuilt and we have the expertise and materials ready to do it.
    14. Ailedhoo
      I hope you help the Greeks and others free themselves; we must deny the Russian invaders their prize!

      Peace cannot be without justice!
    15. Ailedhoo
      Please step in to the post-Platonic occurrence. The referendum needs to be enforced and I fear Greece may suffer under a Russian imposed authoritarian regime! You must back the referendum so peace can be stable or Russia will impose a unstable foreign vessel system! For the freedoms of Greeks, Libyans, Sardinians and Sicilians the UAR must act to safeguard the freedoms of the people, to ensure their sovereignty and to bring their right to democracy!

      We also hence request you support the UN effort!

      Also: I detest your definition of terrorism, for terrorism in its practical term involves the targeting of civilians; targeting military officials is not terrorism.
    16. Ailedhoo
      Chris is no longer sending troops to Libya. So happens this is due to Russia's war; Japan does not want war with Russia.

      ...I sense someone Japan fears. ;)
    17. Ailedhoo
      I know about Sone; that was aimed at the Platonics at last. It appears Sone hates Caste Systems more than Christos's aggression.

      Anyway if I succeed remember that the SUDS will be eager to see the liberation of the peoples in Vietnam. Japan has already committed 10,000 "elite" troops to crush us or so they claimed. Those troops will give us recruitment material and practice our battle will.
    18. Ailedhoo
      I am aware I may have... caused the instability you feared. Still I hope to make it as quick as possible; in the end the Platonics will be replaced by the SUDS.
    19. Ailedhoo
      What do you think about the influx of new powers in IOTXIV? :)

      Anyway; as for the war I hope we can overcome the sudden decision by Texankana.
    20. Ailedhoo
      We need to organize that People's Militia settlement... should I or you post the settlement?
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    A hopeless Civ addict

    Seafaring, Conquering Kingdoms, cartooning


    "Much good work is lost for the lack of a little more."
    - Edward Harriman​

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