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Thorvald of Lym
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Jan 25, 2020 at 5:45 PM
Nov 21, 2005
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Thorvald of Lym

A Little Sketchy, from A Palace north of Oslo

Thorvald of Lym was last seen:
Jan 25, 2020 at 5:45 PM
    1. GenMarshall
      In the future, can you please tell me when you've made a roll in your game.
    2. GenMarshall
      No, I still want you to bug me to keep me informed. It's just being reminded of that game, brought up bad memories of being unlucky in that game.
    3. GenMarshall
      Not really interested in trying my luck in, that game again -_-.
    4. Terran Empress
      Terran Empress
      Hey thor, should we create a git hub for for the fictionalization mod? that way if either of us makes a change we both get it and don't' have to worry about adding the other's changes to our code?
    5. Ailedhoo
      Please do found a new mod thread; you have access to latest updates when they come.
    6. Ailedhoo
      We might need to talk to Mech if we are going to revive the IOT mod project; Mech has done some graphics which may prove needed experience for our plans.

      Also hint for possible UU if flamethrower is added as a standard unit... ;)
    7. Omega124
      Hey thor don't be shy to comment in the fictionalization sg we'd love your input on things, especially on the more technical "can this be done" angle.
    8. JohannaK
      They even called me a 'gifted undergraduate student'.

      I feel shiny :3
    9. JohannaK
      Hey Thorvvy. :3

      I just got published four poems on a college journal, I thought I'd tell you. :D
      1. Thorvald of Lym likes this.
    10. Tyo
      praise based thor
    11. Captain2
      Yes, we expect the next update to be slightly before the next SOIAF book.
      1. Thorvald of Lym likes this.
    12. NinjaCow64
      Shucks. Oh well, thank you for your help. :)
    13. NinjaCow64
      Would it be possible to convert some custom Civ4 models into Civ3? And by possible I mean possible for someone who doesn't know much about 3D modelling.

      I'll probably end up using Freeciv as you said. Or I could use Civ4 if I compromise on some of the models. Frustratingly there are models I could use but they seem to be exclusive to either Civ3 or Civ4 so I'd have to end up compromising somewhere.
    14. NinjaCow64
      Ah blast, just realised that SMAC has the same faction-number restrictions as Civ2. Approaching the problem from a widely different angle, would it be possible to port Civ3 units to Civ4?
    15. NinjaCow64
      Would it be theoretically possible to replace everything in SMAC with static graphics, considering the native life already uses it?
    16. Ailedhoo

      BTW would you be up to the role of a music judge? Trying to think about a music battle NESIOT and wondering how to set the mechanics and how I would be able to judge. I am wondering whether the judging should be a triad project or not.
    17. NinjaCow64
      So I was wondering, is it possible to port Civ2 units into Alpha Centauri or even Freeciv? I mean it seems like all three games just use sprites, it couldn't be *that* hard right? I've got a project idea in mind that would be nice to do in a Civ engine. Usually I would use Civ4 as a base, but 3D units are a bit of a hurdle in that. Civ2's vast resource library and easily-made sprites would be great, but alas the seven player cap is a wee bit restrictive for my tastes. Any help you could give would be great. :)
    18. Omega124

      Please be aware the most current version is currently offline. We're working on trying to get farsight to reupload his working copy (since that should represent the most completed copy in existance). If not, we'll have so much more work to do. D:
    19. Omega124
      Hey Thor. Terra, Lec, and I have been working all last night brainstorming concepts to revive a mod that died in 2011, called Fictionalization IV. We already sent messages es to its old creators to ask if we have their permission to continue work on it, and I'm wondering if you're interested in joinin forces with us. I have sent a google docs link in the email you have me if you want to take a look at our notes.
    20. Ailedhoo
      Omega wants you now!
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    A hopeless Civ addict

    Seafaring, Conquering Kingdoms, cartooning


    "Much good work is lost for the lack of a little more."
    - Edward Harriman​

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