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Oct 25, 2000
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May 24

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Administrator, Male

Administrator Moderator
    1. My Pet Hamster
      My Pet Hamster
      Oh, and could you please try and change the ":Blush:" smiley? I think it looks out of place beside the others.
    2. My Pet Hamster
      My Pet Hamster
      Hi, Thunderfall,

      I was wondering:

      Could you please delete the first instance of the poem "But Why?" in the Social Group 'We Who Write Poetry'? It's just, I corrected it, but then found I couldn't delete it. :blush: :badcomp:

      Anyway, it'd be really helpful and besides, that's what Editors do, isn't it?

      :thanx: Thanks,


      My Pet Hamster
    3. Nitram15
      When is your birthday TF?
    4. Nitram15
      Hey TF!
      I send a private message from my new smilies!
      What do you think?
    5. Nitram15
      Hello, Thunderfall!

      I have a question.
      How to become a moderator?
      What to be needed to it?

    6. bestrfcplayer
      How do pepole become modeters on this site?
    7. My Pet Hamster
      My Pet Hamster
      What is an Editor's job as opposed to a Moderator's or Administrator's?
    8. TETurkhan
      Hey Thunderfall!
      Long time no talk - hope life has been treating you good.
      Nice to see your website still up and running!

      I have decided to 'try' and finish the mod once again. Hopefully this attempt will bear fruit.
      Regarding the mod's thread - I am having difficulty getting to the last page. Some erratic things happen - kicked to page 1 of thread etc.

    9. Flying Pig
      Flying Pig
      Afternoon sir.
    10. DaveBullet
      Hi, I am a long time (14yrs) Civ fan, however I am new to the Fan site. I was looking for patches for Civ 4 esp BTS. Cannot seem to access the v1.61 patch anywhere. Can you help please.
    11. zeedonk
      hi thunder, long time no speako (years).. do you know how to change the move time for civ2 mge? in mid of a multiplayer..

      thanks thunder
    12. chaos0987654321
      hey um could anyone help me with the game....as in playing it......i barely stand a chance on Noble difficulty (Civ 4 BTS)
    13. Dragonson
      Thunderfall? Can you make text codes like links work in social group descriptions? It is abit annoying they dont work =(
    14. nokmirt
      Who do I talk to, to post a grievance against a moderator, who I believe is treating me unfairly?
    15. cypher132
      Hey, I'm getting tired of my current name. Everyone thinks I like The Matrix. I'd like it changed Mazera if it's open. If not, then you can just do Mazera09. If you cab do this for me, I'd be very grateful. Thank you.
    16. useless
      Would it be possible to have a name change? I'm tired of the constant jokes regarding my current name. If it's possible could you change it to "Moragnth"? Sorry to bug you with a selfish and mundane request.
    17. kiwitt
      Did not want to place this on the public forum. But I thought you should know. When I connect each day to the site and the banner page comes up. I do not see the actual advert. Just a black page. and you message at the top. I believe these ads help support the site, which is my new home away from home :) so anything I can do to help.

      It happens on both my home PC and my Work PC

      Systems: Vista Home Premium 64 and Windows 7 RC Ultimate 32
      Internet: IE 8
      AV: Avast

      All patched and latest versions
    18. Bratmon
    19. MightyOne
      Uhm, can I be your friend too...? :please: I would really like to be...:)


      MightyOne, user of this fantastic page:D

      and, happy birthday, I know I am late for a while:lol:
    20. Kozmos
      Hey TF, mind answering that PM I sent you if you got the time?
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