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  • The documentary was super interesting. I agree that the modern art looks a lot more professional, but I guess the old has nostalgia value for them? I don't think they should've used Vintage (the format the brothers were playing where most decks can cost up to $20,000 or more) because it's a rapidly dying format. However, the Pro Tour stuff was pretty well done, which is where I want to be one day.
    May the year of Wooden Goat brings you and your family lots of luck, prosperity, happiness and everything! I hope you had a wonderful celebration :)
    Hello! I have returned to CFC after a 2 month break. Did I miss any important changes to DoC or any other happenings in S&T/DoC?
    My friend is actually getting into card art alterations (some 3d, others art alteration) and I've seen a lot of art alteration at competitive tournaments. I know you haven't played Magic in a while, but does that sound potentially interesting? My friend got a Doom Blade altered to look like a light saber killing Jar Jar Binks.
    Babylon now has a very strong tendency to beeline for wonders, especially the Oracle; one option I was thinking of is to kill Babylon early (raze everything, maybe even Babylon) to get access to the Oracle, but stop with them and go back to attacking India. What do you think of that?
    Also, one last thing: should I squat out Kachnipuram or should I just attack it after the Tamils flip it?

    EDIT: Also, the Persia starts with Ivory in the BFC of the capital.
    Yeah, it did, thanks. Because Babylon was crazy strong and I didn't just want to lose half of my starting army to attack one city, I attacked India instead. I figured that Babylon would be a good buffer state until they collapsed, and that India would be much more useful (and defenseless).
    It seems like you're back on the forums. Right now, I'm trying to work on an AAR as an underdog civ, and one option I've been thinking about is Persia. Do you have any strategy for it? I recall that you considered making a DoC AAR on it and you might know about it.
    You should check out RT's America IAAR. It is really getting active, with a 2nd Civil War about to break out between the communists and capitalists.
    Hey, are you japanese or an american who knows japanese?
    I'm interested in learning japanese or chinese, don't know which.
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