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  • Yeah exactly! Only photo of it laying around but I did make a very light background of green and purple. When it comes to depth of perception I usually try to get Citizen Kane level.

    As for the green, the joker/clown is supposed to be out of place and unnerving. Imagine if you walked into a red white and blue building and saw a clown dressed in all green.
    Oh hey want to critique some art I made a while ago? I'd actually appreciate it if you were as brutal as possible.

    For instance, "I mean yeah the color orange looks nice in this, but you're so ugly I can't concentrate on your drawing."
    When you watch Akira, I suggest watching it with the newer dub. Not the old dub, not even the original Japanese, I honestly think it's better with the new dub. Very few movies actually surpass the original acting in a dub, including Life is Beautiful.
    Well the strange thing is is that it describes INTJ's as being cold and heartless, yet I would find myself the exact opposite. Sure I do judge people and find my judgements often correct, but I still find empathy and a desire to make things better. People are people, and although we aren't created as equals we still have the same compassion and will to succeed that makes us capable of great things. I just watched Citizen Kane for the first time a few hours ago since I'm deathly sick and stuck at home (I wish Ben could fly over and heal me), amazing amazing movie that really parallels with There Will Be Blood. Back onto the subject of INTJ, I mean, when I watch the movie Akira (one of my favorites and probably the most impactful movie I've ever seen) the emptiness I feel inside me... more than machinery we need humanity.
    oh.. only my grandparents and oldest aunts that came from the Mainland. My generation is the first to be fully 100% Indonesian-born.. even my mom's name is 3-word Chinese like everybody else in the mainland~

    Hey, apart from these CNY things, have you ever had difficulty logging in to this CivFanatics website? The servers seems very poor or something, I very often had "This wepage is not available" thing, can't connect while opening other websites are alright ._.
    So.. you're also a Chinese with South-East Asian background? Yeah, 红包 ^^
    Do you have to shave your hair, wear new clothes, feast with father's side of family the night and then went to a Vihara and pray to Kwan Im Goddess etc?

    (I should, or my grandma will be upset lol)
    Gong Xi Fa Cai!
    万事如意, 身体健康!
    May I know how Chinese New Year is celebrated in the Chinese community in California?
    So, apart from being great at history, being a good artist and being a great orator, what other talents do you have? Are you also a musician? or a politician? Maybe an astronaut?
    Can I make a suggestion about the "DoC Member's Elimination" thread?
    I think that it could go a bit faster (there are many people)
    Maybe something like "To Heal substracts one of your lifes" , "You must heal someone per post" "Ghosts can´t heal" could help the game go faster
    Do you like the idea?
    (Is this typed correctly in english? I´m not very good at english)
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