Tomorrow's Dawn

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  • Hey man, I'm on doc's forum and since Doc is still a bit unstable with the new changes I'd like to ask you if you know any good first world war mod to pass time.
    Heh, I'm the opposite where I really don't like most female vocales. The Kills, the 5 6 7 8s, and the Dead Weather is an exception though.

    Dance music huh? That's why I asked, I had this amazing song stuck in my head. I heard it from the movie Enter the Void.

    EDIT: and its dance
    Oh yeah, forgot to turn visitor message on. :)
    But I wonder why you guys never go elsewhere than DoC. I mean I trekked in so many places of Civ4 forum (HoF, GoTM, General Discussion, SGOTM, several mod threads, S&Tips, Story&Tales (ugh no more!!!!111), etc.) and occasionally reading stuff outside.

    When I started looking 'ere, it felt an isolated island a la Tokugawa. I don't see you guys really often outside DoC as if DoC or anything RFC was a complete stranger to all other forms for Civ4.

    That reminds the "Why the sick love for Earth Maps" thread of mine. You sure all like historicity and simulation to the point to complete fusion.

    The point of this brain-scattering, I'm surprised of this long attendance in a sole subforum, especially when most of the updates are those faction wars.

    A shame there is no extensive group that discusses strategy. Ok, I ramble now. :D
    Rachel Weisz isn't the best of actors. I would of preferred The Fountain with someone a little more empathetic.
    But her really unattached acting helps The Shape of Things.
    I think you'd appreciate the movie. It's a movie about art.
    It kind of has the Eyes Wide Shut way of disturbing you.
    Alright alright, you don't have to start talking like this. I'm merely saying that you've already said that. Sorry if it came off rude. The logo thing was useful though, I'm looking for alternate footage. However, seeing how this is not meant for making money, nor was anyone paid for anything, I don't see it as plagiarizing. Especially since I give credit when I finish the movie.
    "The footage of the actors was pretty good up until 3:49.
    The lighting and the alacrity of the actors' movement seemed out of place and inconsistent with the mood you set up in the first three minutes.
    The luncheon scene near the end is a little better in that regard but it's mostly the middle portion that needs a lot of reworking."

    The lighting and setting was very difficult to work with during the Stalin movie scene, you're right. I don't think editing it any darker or with more contrast could improve it either. The actors were goof offs anyways.
    Alacrity, I'll have to remember that word.
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